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#Prom, #TravelTikTok, & 2 More Hashtags That Trended on TikTok This Month

TikTok is home to some of the biggest trends on the internet—here are four TikTok hashtags that trended this month…

#Prom (9.1B Views)
It’s officially prom season for Gen Z, so naturally, they’re taking to TikTok to talk prom dresses, promposals, and more. Gen Z TikTokers are giving viewers a look at their prom dress shopping experience, which is the most popular type of content circulating via #Prom. GWRM videos are also dominating as TikTokers share their prom process, like getting their nails, hair, and makeup done. Building on the GWRM theme, TikTokers are channeling their inner High School Musical 3 energy by recreating the iconic “A Night to Remember” prom scene from the movie, documenting everything from the getting ready process to showing up to the event with their friends. Prom is the event of the spring season for high school students, so you can expect more #Prom content to circulate TikTok through the end of the school year.

#EarthDay (5.5B Views)
April marks Earth Month, and TikTokers have been sharing how they’re making sustainable swaps to protect the environment while educating their peers on how to become more #ecofriendly—and how being an environmentalist isn’t about perfection. Some of the most-viewed clips are from food creators who are sharing no-waste cooking hacks. Brands have also been sharing Earth Day education via the tag by offering up sustainable hacks and reusable products to help viewers reduce their reliance on one-time use items. #Sustainability and #SustainableBeauty have also been trending all month long and are filled with tips like how to start one’s sustainability journey, sustainable beauty products to switch to, and how to make more eco-friendly fashion choices. YPulse’s sustainability research shows Gen Z and Millennials are anxious about climate change, and they’re taking action to help the environment by buying reusable products and using their voice to enact change.

#TravelTikTok (6.6B Views)
Speaking of Earth Day, young TikTokers are also showing their love for Mother Nature by broadcasting their dreamy travel experiences. TikTokers are vlogging about their trips (while making everyone jealous along the way), offering up travel hacks, posting unbeatable views of where they’re staying, and all together romanticizing every minute of their vacay as they soak up some much-needed getaway time. We told you about the highly anticipated travel boom of 2021, which didn’t exactly come to fruition for wanderlust-filled young consumers thanks to COVID-19 variants. Now, young people are sharing their bucket list vacations via TikTok as they approach travel with more certainty this spring and summer.

#ProjectBroadway (123M views)
This month, TikTok debuted its first-ever musical, For You Paige, which was inspired by the platform’s musical creators who have made their own musicals via TikTok (like The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical and Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical). #ProjectBroadway documents behind-the-scenes moments from For You Paige’s creators and cast, taking viewers on a journey of how a TikTok musical is created. Daniel Mertzlufft (@danieljmertzlufft), the creative force behind Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical, has been sharing updates via TikTok while calling on fans to offer their inspiration for what they think should be included in For You Paige since the musical is inspired by the platform’s real life creators. With that in mind, TikTok called on creators to write songs for the musical and artists took to the platform to offer up first listens of what they’ve been working on to entice fans. YPulse’s Pop Culture Redefined trend research shows a viral social media video is the top pop culture moment Gen Z and Millennials say their generations care about. And considering the massive popularity of previous user-created musicals, TikTok’s backing of For You Paige shows once again the power of content creators and musical theater on the app.