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#JustABaby & 3 More TikTok Hashtags, Explained

TikTok is home to some of the biggest trends on the internet—here are four TikTok hashtags that trended this month…

#JustABaby (663M views)

This tag is nothing without its sound. In late February, TikTok user Jordan Faeh (@little.blooming.woman) posted a video explaining to her daughter Coco, “when mommy says stop, you need to stop.” Her child indignantly replies, “I’m just a baby!” The video has generated more than 57M views, and the sound has taken over the app as TikTokers find comfort in the child’s refusal to do what her mother says because, she’s just a baby after all. TikTokers have been stitching the sound to clips of their pets misbehaving, romantic partners, and pretty much any video that exudes the same energy of the “I’m just a baby!” baby. The original clip and audio are thriving on Instagram and Instagram Reels, where it has racked up over 700K views.

#TipTok (575M views)

Similar to #HowTo, which trended in January, #TipTok is a hub of life hacks and tutorials for everything from cleaning, to cooking, decorating, and gaming. The most-viewed clip is a picture hanging hack for fellow DIYers and decorators, while another offers helpful gaming tips for the Elden Ring-obssessed. More tips include an air fryer cleaning tutorial, how to keep fresh parsley on hand, a tip for cleaning flat screen TVs, what to do if you get bumped from a flight, and so. much. more. YPulse’s Self-Taught trend research found that 69% of young people have learned how to do something new by watching videos online. And considering that Gen Z and Millennials are generations of researchers, it makes sense they’d be going to TikTok to pick up some tips.

#ThisIsWhatDreamsAreMadeOf (637M views)

*Cue The Lizzie McGuire Movie.* For another sound-fueled tag, TikTokers are creating clips set to a slowed-down, remixed track of the iconic song from The Lizzie McGuire Movie, “What Dreams Are Made Of.” TikTokers are using this tag to share about their own dreams, compiling old clips with present ones to show how far they’ve come. For example, one of the most-viewed clips is from a couple who shared a video documenting their first date at Disney in 2016 transitioning to a clip of them visiting the park in 2021 with their two kids. Whether they’re reminiscing about their engagement story, college acceptance, or journey to achieving their (literal) dreams, TikTokers can’t get enough of this fun, feel-good trend.

#DoorsVsWheels(368M views)

Remember the “Yanny versus Laurel” and “Blue Dress or Gold Dress” internet controversies of years past? Well, we have another one for you known as “Doors versus Wheels.” According to Know Your Meme, the debate started earlier this month when @NewYorkNixon posted a Twitter poll, “Do you think there are more doors or wheels in the world?” Over 200K accounts voted, with wheels coming out on top at 53.6% and doors close behind at 46.4%. Naturally, the debate made its way to TikTok via #DoorsVsWheels, and #TeamDoor counts 47M views while #TeamWheels has garnered 148.3M views. TikTokers are justifying their claims under these tags while sparking an even bigger debate through it all as they question what really constitutes a door and wheels.