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A Win for Sarcasm: The Friday Don’t Miss List

We’ve rounded up the most newsworthy trends in Millennial media this week to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

1. Holiday Shopping Regret
Yesterday, you learned how to holiday shop like a Millennial. We let you know that 22% planned to shop at Target online and 55% shopped in-store at the retailer, making it the most popular physical retail location among this generation. However, news that Target experienced a security breach during the Black Friday sales season is a major holiday blunder, and might influence future shopping behavior.
2. Precious Parenthood
Our most shared article this year focused on the ways that Millennial parents will change families, so we don’t want you to miss this ad from Coke depicting the trials and tribulations of early parenthood. Though bringing a baby on board is a mighty handful, this ad speaks to the underlying joy of parenthood by showing that in the end, it’s all worth it.

3. A Win for Sarcasm
We rounded up our most important marketing advice from 2013 which explained why Millennials respond to campaigns that don’t take themselves too seriously, so don’t miss this “delightfully sarcastic” college recruitment ad from Australia’s Monash University. While this over-zealous approach to selling students on the school could come off as corny, the ad perfectly balances “superlative sarcasm with actual school pride” and makes the campus seem relatable and downright fun.
4. Music App Overload 
Yesterday’s Essentials revealed upgrades from Millennial favorite music app Shazam, and adding to the soundtrack of this generation, we don’t want you to miss Fast Company’s round-up of the “revolutionary new music apps” you might have missed this year. All of them offer different ways for Millennials to discover new things in music, from Vine-like music videos with Mindie to user-submitted music with Upbeat.
5. Links We’re Passing
As the holidays come close, there’s no doubt that Millennials are indulging in nostalgia-driven movie marathons. In fact, 59% of 14-29-year-olds surveyed last week told us they would be watching holiday movies and TV specials during their break. Home Alone is a holiday standout and using one of its classic scenes, lets you customize a GIF and personalize this hilarious movie moment like the one above. Since Grumpy Cat is the Grinch of felines, we only thought it fitting.