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The Friday Don’t Miss List

In case you missed it…                                                                                                                          






1. Foodstagram for a Good Cause
Yes, we all know that Millennials are self-proclaimed foodies, needing to stage, snap, and share pictures of their food before eating it. But make sure not to miss another brand that is marketing for social good, Feedie, the new app that transforms pictures of food into actual meals for starving children. Feedie has signed on over 50 NYC restaurants to donate money when diners tag food in their establishments and so far, over 270 meals have been provided, turning Millennial “foodies” into “feedies.”


2. The Breakdown of a College Degree
We tapped into our Youth Advisory Board for their opinions on high school and college education, and while they felt the recession was a major setback in securing funds for their education, a payoff still exists. Don’t miss a study from job site TheLadders that estimates long-term earnings of college graduates to be $215,000 more than peers without a four-year degree, and $440,000 more for those with a Masters.

3. It’s Football Season for Everyone
If you missed our nod in Essentials to the New York Fashion Week Pinterest network, make sure not to miss coverage of the NFL and Vogue fashion event in Grand Central Station that kicked off a campaign to get women more involved during game day. Since 45% of NFL fans are females, new lines in the NFL store, Target, and Victoria’s Secret aim to win in the wardrobes of this market.
4. BuzzFeed Takeover
We let you know about the move into hard-hitting news for listicle-laden Millennial bookmark BuzzFeed in this week’s Essentials, but don’t skip over the fact that the company seems to have outgrown both AOL and Craigslist in the U.S. in terms of users. Plans for BuzzFeed to open a social media video production studio in LA are in the works, following in the footsteps of video king YouTube.


5. Links We’re Passing
A brother duo from Norway known as Ylvis created an…umm…interesting song called “The Fox” and an accompanying music video this week to promote the new season of their talk show, and its views on YouTube are multiplying by the minute, reaching 2,474,603 so far. Check out the music video for “The Fox” that is so ridiculous, we can’t ignore it.