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Trend Research Coordinator

Jan 04 2023

Do you love research, exploring data for insights, telling insightful stat-backed stories AND discussing all things Gen Z and Millennial??? This is your role… 


YPulse is a leading youth market research company, helping brands like YouTube, Vans, Apple and many more understand the next generations of consumers—and how to reach them. We research and engage Gen Z and Millennials in innovative ways every day, and infuse our editorial content with those insights. Our newsletters, insight articles, behavioral and trend reports are vital tools that keep major brands informed.  

The YPulse team is a creative, hardworking group of researchers, writers, and strategists, constantly collaborating on projects and creatively working to deliver insightful and unique content. (Oh, and we’ve got unlimited vacation, too.) We’re excited to find a self-starting, passionate person to join our team!  


The Trend Research Coordinator is a vital role in the creation of YPulse’s content, specifically the creation and publication of monthly trend reports and quarterly brand reports. You should have a love of all aspects of market research (questionnaire development, data analysis, report creation, and storytelling) and avid interest in youth culture. You will help YPulse tell the story of what’s happening within youth culture to our thousands of readers and high-profile clients. The Trend Research Coordinator is:  

  • A Thought Leader: Our clients rely on YPulse to know what is happening now and what’s to come in Gen Z and Millennials’ lives. You are forward thinking, on top of trends, and understand what clients need to know—and why  
  • Organized: At YPulse, a new trend is always being spotted. It is important that you are organized and stay on top of all moving parts, from questionnaire development to report analysis, including: crosstabulation, data analysis and narrative writing 
  • A Dynamic Storyteller: Impactful storytelling is at the heart of what we do. You will translate data into visual, insights-driven stories that help clients understand young consumers: what is happening in their lives, how they are behaving, and their wants / needs as they grow older 
  • Experienced in Research Design: You’ll manage and coordinate all aspects of the research process from questionnaire writing and research design, analysis and interpretation of results through to preparation of reports and presentations 
  • A Multifunctional Team Player: YPulse prioritizes cross-functional, collaborative work. One second you may be talking to the operations team to get a survey into the field, and the next you are in an all-team brainstorming session to discuss the next trend  


  • Lead the design of research projects to explore macrotrends among young consumers 
  • Stay up-to-date and ahead of current youth trends to formulate future reports topics 
  • Write questionnaires based on general Gen Z and Millennial trends and behaviors 
  • Oversee the survey process, testing, and launching the survey 
  • Create cross tabulations to view the data in the most insightful way 
  • Analyze the data to form a narrative that is insightful to clients 
  • Curate the report by writing and designing the flow of the story 
  • Manage report content on 
  • Communicate effectively with all team members to coordinate next steps of the project and further ideas 


  • Extensive experience with quantitative research techniques  
  • Proficient in developing best practice questionnaires that result in beyond-surface level insights  
  • Ability to synthesize data into insights and captivating stories 
  • Strong interest in culture and trends—always thinking about what’s next and why 
  • Passion for studying young consumers and their relationship to brands 
  • Skilled communicator and able to work efficiently on multiple projects 
  • Consistent and relentless attention to detail 
  • Flair for data visualization 
  • Excel and PowerPoint should be second nature 


  • You get things done 
  • Strong problem-solving skills 
  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment 
  • Pro at time management, balancing multiple projects and deadlines  
  • Comfortable working both autonomously and collaboratively 
  • Confident in advocating for your ideas 
  • A high level of personal accountability 
  • Constant hunger to learn and improve 
  • You bring positive energy to the workplace 


  • Knowledge of graphic design techniques, tools, and principles 
  • Experience with the operations side of market research (sampling, testing survey, etc.) 
  • Studies in Market Research, Marketing, Psychology, Sociology or related 
  • Strong presentation and public speaking skills 
  • Familiarity with SPSS, R, SAS or other advanced statistical software 
  • Familiarity with data visualization programs like Tableau 


  • Competitive compensation, stock options 
  • 100% coverage of basic medical, dental and vision plans plus flexible health spending accounts 
  • 401K plan 
  • Commuter benefits 
  • Unlimited vacation 
  • Can be 100% remote 

Does this sound like you? Click here to email a resume to YPulse and join our team!