Ypulse Research Roundup: New Ypulse Report, Kids' Favorite Brands, Dishing On Dining

Today we bring you another installment of the latest youth research available for sale or download. Remember if your company has comprehensive research for sale that focuses on youth between the ages of 8 and 24, email us to be included in the next roundup.

New Ypulse Report: Holiday Shopping & Winter Fun

The Ypulse Report — Holiday Shopping & Winter FunDuring the 2011 holiday season, retailers rejoiced as customers flocked to stores, spending record amounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Students happily did their part in boosting the economy — they went into the holiday season planning to spend more than they did the prior year. Online shopping saw a particular increase. Students not only shopped more online than they have in the past, but they also planned to spend more online. A key takeaway from this report is that technology is becoming ingrained in students’ shopping habits. They also turned to social media to find deals and to get gift ideas. Many used their mobile phones to shop. Not only did the number that researched store locations and product details increase, but the number of students who made purchases on their phones nearly doubled.

The holiday season is also about family. Collegians are especially happy to have time to spend with their parents and siblings — shopping outings, cooking and baking, and even hanging holiday decorations are all excuses to make the most of family time before they head back to school. Cost: $2,000.

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Brands That Kids Think Are Good, Better, Best

Smarty Pants Young Love StudyWhat brands are capturing kids’ and tweens’ hearts, time, and purchase power in 2012? What are the drivers of their brand success? How do families make decisions in your category? What is the demographic, psychographic, and lifestyle profile of your core target? What are your biggest opportunities for growth? Smarty Pants’ annual Young Love study has the answers to these questions and more. Conducted online with 7,000 kids, tweens, and parents, Young Love has quickly become the gold standard for measuring brand health and guiding brand growth in the kid and family space. The syndicated study includes key metrics and dozens of attribute ratings on more than 250 brands in the entertainment, food and beverage, apparel, technology, toy, game, and retail categories. From Nike and America Eagle to Nickelodeon and Xbox Kinect, Young Love is rich with learning on brand awareness, love, popularity, usage, usage context and frequency, and most importantly, future usage.

Custom analytics provide insight into your brand within a category and cross-category context. You’ll get the big picture of what’s impacting your business, and you’ll find out what really matters for your brand. Young Love identifies specifically what levers to push to make a real difference in the marketplace. And tracking data is available on most brands. Cost: Syndicated prices start at $1,500; custom analytics start at $8,000.

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Tweens And Teens Dish On Dining

The Dining Habits Of Tweens And TeensTechnomic and C3 are proud to present The Dining Habits of Tweens and Teens, a new study providing an in-depth analysis of the key consumer needs and attitudes that drive the foodservice behaviors of today’s youth. In this report, you’ll learn what motivates them and how best to meet their needs: how tweens and teens differ in their foodservice attitudes and behaviors; how friends and family influence eating habits and how these key influences change as youth grow and mature; how tweens and teens connect with restaurants through branding, and social media and other youth marketing initiatives. You’ll also be able to explore the entrée, side dish, dessert, beverage, and food preparation preferences of tweens and teens, ultimately to leverage demographic and social-psychological insights in order to develop marketing messages and foodservice offerings that better meet the needs of today’s youth. Cost: Contact for information.

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Understanding Generational Differences For Marketing To Millennials

Next Generation Strategies For Advertising To MillennialsThe Millennial generation’s massive size and strong purchasing power, estimated to be $170 billion per year, makes them a valuable segment of the population for marketers to target. But given some of the unique characteristics of this generation, having grown up in the digital and information ages, it is critical that marketers have a clear understanding of this group and how to most effectively reach them through advertising. comScore’s report, Next Generation Strategies For Advertising To Millennials, highlights data from more than 40 years of advertising research and compares the results from the 2011 study on Millennials to past generational studies. Learn the most effective strategies brands can undertake to reach Millennial consumers in the present day, and understand both the challenges and opportunities marketers may face in looking to target this segment. Cost: Free.

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