Ypulse Essentials: TV Shows Debut Online, Millennials Prefer To Shop In-Store, Disney's Push Into China

SmashThe wait is over! Right now you can download the first episode of NBC’s ‘Smash’ via iTunes (but unlike the previews of a Broadway show, we’re sure they’ve already worked out all the kinks. Why would NBC unveil its show online? Just listen to that buzz building up to the TV premiere February 6. Speaking of online launches, Nickelodeon will tell us “How To Rock” on Nick.com and iTunes before the show airs on TV. For the first time ever, Nick is debuting a series online, with episodes launching in January, and the show’s TV premiere set for February 4. Maybe this is a move to halt those flagging ratings? And of course, as regular Ypulse readers know, Millennials are quite comfortable watching TV shows online) (Futon Critic) (Popdust)

- While technology plays a role in shopping and brand awareness (18-25 year olds prefer to buy clothes and shoes in store, according to a survey from LIM College. The majority have shopped online and about a quarter from a mobile device, but in the end, most would rather do so at a brick-and-mortar location. They want to be able to touch, try on, and experience the products before they buy) (WWD)

- Students want to use Facebook for official class assignments (but will schools let them? In the past, students were averse to the idea of allowing their professors access to their Facebook pages, but they’re getting over that concern considering the benefits of deeper engagement in classwork and a better understanding of Facebook’s privacy settings. In other news about students, researchers are finding that baseless praise does more harm to students’ self-esteem than good. Instead, teachers and parents should reward resilience, persistance, and risk-taking) (ReadWriteWeb) (Neatorama)

- Get ready to find Nemo in 3D (this fall. The classic fish story is the latest Disney film to get re-released with an added dimension. Rumor has it that “The Little Mermaid” and “Monsters Inc” are next. In other Disney news, the mouse house is planning to open its first Disney Store in China, which must mean that the theme park it opened in Shanghai this past Spring is doing pretty well…) (Mashable) (Reuters)

- Now that Millennials are getting a bit older and approaching their 30s, it’s their turn to experience band reunions (that instantly bring them back to the good ‘ol days. What’s more, because Millennials grew up in a time when music was available at an time via download or streaming, their tastes span eras, and they’re as excited for the bands they missed seeing live — Pavement, Pixies — as the bands of their time) (Flavorwire)

- Harry Potter, er, Daniel Radcliffe hosted ‘SNL’ this weekend (and you knew he was gonna have a little fun with his past role as a whiz-kid wizard. He also had a couple of other stellar moments during the show, which New York magazine has conveniently cataloged for us! Our personal favorite is the take on Millennials who’ve been told their whole lives that they can do anything)

- Finally, we couldn’t help but appreciate MSNBC’s scientific explanation of hipsters (and — surprise, surprise — it all comes down to those obscure indie bands they like…)

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