About YPulse

What We Do

Ypulse is a youth market research firm. Interested in targeting youth? Want a deeper understanding of this new generation?

Our goal is to ignite consumer intimacy throughout your organization, so that every step of the creative process is not just inspired by, but also excited by, the wants, needs, and desires of this new generation of youth – the Millennials.

Ypulse’s research is powered by a panel of 90,000 teens and young adults. With in-house quant capabilities, traditional market research expertise, and a heart that beats to decode the world day in and day out – the Ypulse team will design a creative methodology and approach to your questions.

Who We Are

Ypulse is a leading authority on Millennials and youth culture. We see how today’s world is being shaped by this new generation — they’re challenging, innovating, and remixing the way things are being done across every industry.

Staffed with a cross-functional team of writers, researchers, and innovation specialists, we’re also guided by our Youth Advisory Board, a group of highly-talented Millennials who keep us — and you — in the know about the latest trends in youth attitudes and culture. The Ypulse team will bring their creativity and broad insights to work for your business.

Our History

Ypulse began as two small start-up companies, both passionate about youth marketing. SurveyU was striving to help companies understand young consumers through its online research community. Ypulse was a website offering commentary about the happenings in marketing to tweens, teens, and young adults.

In 2009, the two start-ups joined forces to pool their knowledge about the Millennial generation, putting it to work for an exciting roster of brands. Based in New York, the company continues to keep tabs on the pulse of youth across the country through its Youth Advisory Board, its 90,000 participant research panel of Millennials, and an engaged community of youth industry experts.

NEW YORK, NY 10001