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Behavioral reports keep you up-to-date on Gen Z and Millennials’ everyday lives and preferences.
Trend reports guide you through the major cultural shifts these generations are fueling.
Special reports are expert explorations on current event topics and brand affinity.

News Consumption and Trust Report


Most young people are keeping up with the news passively, by consuming it where they ha…

Jun 09 2021                    Read Report ⟶

Representation in Action Trend Report


Gen Z and Millennials are the most diverse generations in history, with half of these g…

Jun 03 2021                    Read Report ⟶

4th of July and America Views Report


With many summer pastimes cancelled last year, young consumers are ready to get back to…

Jun 02 2021                    Read Report ⟶

Summer Plans Report

Last year, YPulse’s summer report was all about the ways young people were coping with …

May 26 2021                  Read Report ⟶

Social Media Monitor Report

Gen Z and Millennials are the most diverse generations in history, with half of these g…

May 19 2021                  Read Report ⟶

Employment and Career Goals Report

The 2020 pandemic not only created job loss and financial instability for Millennials b…

May 12 2021                  Read Report ⟶

Scouting Next Gen Sports Fans Trend Report

First things first, the majority of young people, across gender and generation, conside…

May 06 2021                  Read Report ⟶

Travel and Outdoors Report

Young consumers are a wanderlust generation, but the COVID-19 crisis made them think tw…

May 05 2021                  Read Report ⟶

Hobbies and Passions Report

In the last year, young consumers’ hobbies and passions became more than pastimes—they …

Apr 28 2021                    Read Report ⟶

Sports and Athletics Report

Last year, YPulse’s special report on how sports fans were coping during COVID-19 found…

Apr 21 2021                    Read Report ⟶

Religion and Spirituality Report

The decline in religious belief among Millennials has been discussed for about as long …

Apr 14 2021                    Read Report ⟶

Social Media Deep Dive Trend Report

Young consumers spend an average of 4 hours a day on social media by their own estimati…

Apr 08 2021                    Read Report ⟶