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Chinaka Hodge's Diary

Today’s Digital Grafitti comes via an great organization in San Francisco called 826 Valencia. I tought a workshop there this spring to 12-15 year-olds about...

Inside the Tween Mind

Youth Intelligence has partnered with Nickelodeon to produce a whopping 140 page lifestyle study focusing on 9-14 year-olds (tweens). The study costs 10K and will be...

Potter has Scientists Making Magic

Funny BusinessWeek story on MSNBC about muggle scientists busy making the magic in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series a reality. They’ve produced...

Teens Buying Booze Online

Remember the good old days when buying alcohol as a teen meant convincing some loser in front of a liquor store to buy it for...

Advice for The Olsens

More obsession with The Olsen Twins this time from Salon (subscription or daypass required). You know you’ve been elevated to pop icon status when...

Barbie to Belt One Out for 'Idol'?

Image from Matel, Inc. This post on Reality Blurred cracked me up. Mattel has a press release out about our proportionally incorrect plastic idol for...

Oops! She Busted Her Kneecap

Poor Britney. As if her image hasn’t taken enough of a beating in the tabs or from spunky Avril, she has gone and busted...

P&G's Teen Marketing Wiz Promoted

Looks like Ted Woehrle, who previously headed up P&G’s Tremor teen marketing unit, has been promoted to be the company’s North...

The Newsfeed

Quote of the Day: “[Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is] free to play, but it's loaded with a lot of content. It's super cute and relaxing.”—Female, 32, IL

PepsiCo needs to think small to compete with indie brands. Their new unit, The Hive, will be “a small entrepreneurial sort of agile group” to foster smaller brands and create new brands based on emerging trends. Unsurprisingly, The Hive is a response to consumers (ahem, Millennials) who are “demanding” healthier products and championing smaller labels. We continue to see big brands adopt startups, and startup thinking, as they navigate today’s competitive landscape. (Fortune)

Millennials and Gen Z are going to “extreme lengths” to share streaming passwords—and major platforms are losing millions. Magid research indicates that 35% of 21-35-year-olds and 42% of those younger than 21 share streaming service passwords, compared to 19% of Gen Xers and 13% of Boomers. One particularly amusing anecdote: the 20-something who uses the HBO Go login of a one-night stand from 2013. Though Netflix and HBO have both said that password sharing isn’t a problem, there’s no denying they are losing out on revenue—Hulu stakeholders estimated a loss of $1.5 billion yearly. (CNBC)

Wikipedia-branded streetwear has sold out. The site teamed up with LA streetwear brand Advisory Board Crystals for a “surprising” collaboration, and the resulting long sleeved tee emblazoned with “Internet Master” and Wikipedia’s puzzle logo was a success. All proceeds from sales were pledged to the Wikipedia Foundation, and the store is planning to restock “to make as large of a contribution as possible.” According to Ypulse Brandoms research, 60% of 13-35-year-olds say logos are back in style. (MashableThe Verge)

Fitbit’s new tracker is about more than just fitness. Though their smartwatch business is growing significantly faster than trackers, the brand “hasn’t given up” on their roots—and their newest model offers a range of features for wellness-focused users. While it, of course, tracks exercise and calorie burning, it also has built-in meditation, sleep tracking, and female health tracking. Since 96% of 18-34-year-olds tell Ypulse that taking care of their mental health is just as important as taking care of physical health, thinking beyond workouts could be a wise move. (Business Insider)

Amazon wants to steal away YouTube creators to bolster their own platform, Twitch. They’re reportedly offering multi-million dollar deals to influencers ranging from Gigi Gorgeous to Will Smith, hoping their large followings will follow them off of YouTube. So far, Twitch has 15 million daily users compared to YouTube’s 1.9 billion but Twitch’s SVP promises “a steady drumbeat of lots of new content.” They’re also reportedly looking to double their ad revenue in the next year, and their foothold on video games like Fortnite is sure to help. (Bloomberg)

Quote of the Day: "I love travel and finding the best deals on airfare. Hopper really helps me do that, in a simple format.”—Female, 22, FL

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