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Meet the Gen Z experts at TMRE and you can win a Nintendo Switch!

November 14-16 | Booth 601

Get exclusive Gen Z data and insights throughout TMRE from the industry-leading youth intelligence platform. 

Schedule a 15-minute meeting with us during the show and get a free Gen Z brand and competitor analysis, including metrics on awareness, purchase intent, coolness, and more. 

You’ll automatically be entered to win a Nintendo Switch at the end of your meeting.

Schedule time to talk with us at TMRE



Youth Brand Lab:
The Anatomy of Successful Gen Z Brands Around the World

Tuesday, November 15 | 12:50 p.m.
Track: Brand & Product Innovation

Join MaryLeigh Bliss (YPulse) and Christopher Frank (AMEX) for a dissection of high-performing youth brands around the world. You’ll learn:
  • Which brand attributes matter most to Gen Z consumers and are most closely linked to mindshare and purchase intent
  • How have these brand attributes changed before, during and after the pandemic
  • How to activate on these attributes to become a beloved brand
  • Which brands have established affinity and loyalty among Gen Z consumers across North America, Western Europe, and Asia Pacific


Ask YPulse Anything

Monday, November 14 | 3 p.m.
Tuesday, November 15 | 11 a.m.
Booth 601

Do you have a nagging question about Gen Z? Now’s your chance to get it answered by the Gen Z expert, YPulse Chief Content Officer MaryLeigh Bliss, live during our AMA session.
From TikTok trends to spending habits to favorite brands, MaryLeigh will answer any of your questions about Gen Z life. This is your opportunity to demystify one of the most elusive generations ever.


MaryLeigh Bliss

MaryLeigh Bliss is the Chief Content Officer at YPulse, leading the development of youth insight subscription offerings for nearly a decade as YPulse has evolved to become the global leader in youth insights.

Christopher Frank

Christopher Frank is vice president at American Express, focused on transforming the speed, relevancy, and impact of insights to influence marketing strategy. His latest book, Decisions Over Decimals, was just released last month.