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Product Co-Creation


After years of market dominance, had grown comfortable with their success. It's good to be king. The only problem was, after years of growth, investors and shareholders wanted more. Meanwhile, the day-to-day demands of staying at the top of the product food chain had taken a toll on the product development team, leaving the pipeline for new products dry. When the CEO called on the head of development to deliver the next wave of growth and prosperity, the newest member of the innovation team, Mel, was asked to develop a list of potential new products.


Mel knew what to do. A recent approach to product innovation called co-creation was emerging, involving the target consumer in the process of deciding what new products were wanted and needed. A raft of potential new products, crowdsourced by the Millennial experts at Ypulse would identify the 'next big thing'.


Tapping into the nearly 2 million Millennials that Ypulse uses to co-create new product ideas, Mel harnessed the insight and imagination of the Millennial generation to develop a wide array of new product candidates, ready for validation using concept testing research.

We recruit highly engaged respondents that currently participate in your product category to understand what they currently use and why they use it. We extend this understanding by challenging them to articulate what they think current products lack and what features they should incorporate. After tapping into their current, unmet needs, we encourage consumers to develop the products of the future via forward-looking scenarios conceived by those living on the front lines of innovation - the Millennial generation.


The least you need to know about what's happening in the new Millennial influenced world.


It's not enough to know what. You need to know who and how much. And most of all, why.


Now, what does it all mean for your brand?

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