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Pre / Post Campaign Evaluation


With a breakthrough formulation developed, NRG wanted to get their line of beverages in front of influential college students ASAP. Their go-to-market strategy involved a campus ambassador program at the top 100 U.S. campuses in order to get Collegian consumers to spread the word far and wide. Their VP of Marketing, Adrienne, was skeptical that all of their campus reps would be equally successful, and needed an independent source of information and insight into what was working and what wasn't.


Adrienne knew what to do. She knew that Ypulse had built a national panel of Millennials with a strong focus on College Students that could rapidly reach into any campus to ascertain what was working and what wasn't.


By obtaining unbiased data on a campus-by-campus basis, NRG didn't have to wait and see whether retail sales spiked before knowing whether their ambassador program was a hit or a miss. Through course corrections and optimization of individual programs via local campus data, NRG was able to create benchmarks and best practices that improved the success of their campus ambassador program and ultimately fueled the success of their beverage line.

The primary goal of pre / post assessments is to understand the impact of a marketing campaign on awareness, trial, consideration and usage. Our approach is to survey the target market on a pre/post basis, asking identical questions before and after the campaign has taken place and attributing any differences in the results to the effectiveness of the campaign.


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