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Market Research Online Communities (MROCs)


Recognizing the rise of the Millennial consumer, the growth and prosperity of Widgets 'R Us was being fueled by the their insight into this generational target, making the research department the most popular team in HQ. The problem was, all of the departments were hungry for more, piling so many questions onto each quarterly survey that respondent participation was starting to fade. Demand for insights was outstripping supply and Ross and his colleagues in the MR department were overloaded. Point-in-time surveys were no longer able to provide the scope or frequency for all of the marketing decisions that were being made.


Ross knew what to do. Rather than commission more surveys or longer surveys, he asked Ypulse to develop an ongoing feedback platform where small, bite sized projects would replace large and cumbersome quarterly surveys - a market research online community, or MROC. Instead of boiling the ocean with each pass, the specific information needs of each group and division could be conducted independently among a community that perfectly represented the target market.


Getting a periodic read on the marketplace is good, but having a finger on the pulse of the marketplace is better. An engaging forum wherein Millennials are engaged to provide guidance and advice can deliver bite-sized research, faster and cheaper. Ypulse recruited their Millennial target audience into an insights portal, managing the design, operational and analytical pieces of the puzzle. Ross and his team were liberated, spending less time managing the process and more time supporting internal decision makers.

We develop a branded or unbranded insights community, fill it with your target audience and manage the operational, research and community aspects of the environment. Projects go from unwieldy and slow moving to lean and agile, enabling insights to be more focused and flow through the organization faster.


The least you need to know about what's happening in the new Millennial influenced world.


It's not enough to know what. You need to know who and how much. And most of all, why.


Now, what does it all mean for your brand?

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