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The marketing department at Peach was under extreme pressure to come up with a breakthrough campaign. A major competitor, Singsong, was pummeling their brand with a series of clever ads that poked fun at their dominance, drawing next-generation Millennial consumers away in droves. Suspicious that their agency of record was less than up to speed on the tastes and preferences of the Millennial consumer, Jake, their VP of Marketing, decided that it was time to bring in the cavalry before their next campaign fell flat.


Jake knew what to do. He had been reading the Ypulse daily update for years and if anyone could help get their campaign strategy on track, it would be the Millennial experts at Ypulse. Given the fact that Ypulse is an independent and well respected Millennial insights and strategy firm, they'd be well positioned to focus the current AOR on Millennial consumer opportunities.


Using a collaborative ideation process, Ypulse provided deep insight into a number of key trends that were driven by the Millennial consumer, creating a domino effect within the marketplace. By leveraging the creative minds within the agency and Ypulse’s understanding of Millennials, the 'big idea' that put Peach back on top was conceived.

The best ideas can be discovered within your team's market acuity, your agency's creative capabilities, the unspoken needs of your target audience, and the generational insights of Ypulse. Our ideation capabilities delve into your organizational intelligence, leverage consumer insight and position your strategy into the crosshairs of Millennial trends and behaviors.


The least you need to know about what's happening in the new Millennial influenced world.


It's not enough to know what. You need to know who and how much. And most of all, why.


Now, what does it all mean for your brand?

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