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Having recently achieved a sophisticated and comprehensive market understanding via Brand Equity research, Clarity, Inc. wanted to make sure that their brand stayed on a successful path. Understanding that the primary driver of their profitability was the strength of their brand among Millennial shoppers, senior executives at Clarity charged, Scott, the head of research, to institutionalize a research program that would continuously monitor brand performance, identifying warning signs before they turned into catastrophes.


Scott knew what to do. A brand tracker conducted by Ypulse that continuously monitored Millennial brand impressions and sentiment would enable Clarity to understand their brand’s performance in real time. By tying a Market Segmentation typing tool into the tracker, performance could be measured against target market segments, enabling even greater insight into how Clarity was faring within the minds of Millennials.


Clarity never missed a beat. Staying on top of their brand1s performance allowed them to quickly see how adjustments in their marketing tactics and messaging impacted their success. Additionally, historical and accurate measurements enabled them to outperform their competitors during an unfortunate offshore production scandal that swept their industry. By continuously monitoring consumer sentiment, Clarity recognized the issue immediately and enacted crisis management that made changes to dramatically reduced the impact on their brand.

We develop a survey that maps out your brand's performance against a number of core attributes on a total Millennial market basis as well as within key customer segments. We collect data on a weekly basis, reporting results visually using an interactive dashboard. Seeing weekly performance in comparison to rolling averages enables you to see how in-market strategies and tactics are strengthening or weakening your brand's performance. With a clear sense of historical trajectory, crisis management tools can be quickly deployed in the event that unfortunate events impact your brand.


The least you need to know about what's happening in the new Millennial influenced world.


It's not enough to know what. You need to know who and how much. And most of all, why.


Now, what does it all mean for your brand?

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