Driving Forward

Our latest trend report examines Gen Z and Millennial consumers' newfound need for cars in the age of COVID, and how their driving and purchasing behaviors might be reshaped forever.

The pandemic has no doubt significantly impacted young consumers’ transportation behaviors. They’re commuting and driving less—but their interest in cars is actually stronger than before. In fact, quarantines have sparked a newfound appreciation for their pre-COVID commutes and put the spotlight on the benefits of owning a car in the midst of a health crisis. Car ownership is still the goal for young people, but they have different values than the generations that came before them, and the events that are shaping their worlds are shifting their desires. 

This report explores COVID’s impact on transportation and young consumers’ attitude towards car ownership, what they value most in the cars they buy, and what they want in the cars of tomorrow. 

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"Millennials killed cars" is so last year. COVID-19 has forced Millennials and Gen Z to re-examine their relationship with automobiles.


of 13-39-year-old car owners say because of COVID-19, they appreciate their cars more


of 13-39-year-olds who are driving less because of COVID say they miss the feeling of driving


of 18-39-year-olds have purchased or become more interested in purchasing a car because of COVID-19

Is this just a COVID trend or are these sentiments here to stay for Gen Z and Millennial drivers?

Read "Driving Forward" to find out.

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