Behavioral reports keep you up-to-date on Gen Z and Millennials' everyday lives and preferences.

Trend reports guide you through the major cultural shifts these generations are fueling.

Special reports are expert explorations on current event topics and brand affinity.

North America
What’s Next For Work Trend Report
The COVID pandemic has provoked monumental change for young people and their careers. M...
Western Europe
WE Future of Experience Report
When COVID hit, live experiences were forced to pack up and hibernate a while. Events w...
North America
Future of Experience Trend Report
There is no question that COVID has reshaped live experiences for young people—but whil...
Western Europe
WE Clicking on Community Trend Report
Young people are often criticized for their disconnection from the “real world,” but th...
North America
Clicking on Community Trend Report
For Gen Z and Millennials, finding community isn’t limited to the connections they can ...
North America
Gender Blur Trend Report
Gender stereotypes are being broken and “masculinity” / “femininity” as they were once ...
North America
Representation in Action Trend Report
Gen Z and Millennials are the most diverse generations in history, with half of these g...
North America
Scouting Next Gen Sports Fans Trend Report
First things first, the majority of young people, across gender and generation, conside...
North America
Social Media Deep Dive Trend Report
Young consumers spend an average of 4 hours a day on social media by their own estimati...
North America
The Privacy Issue Trend Report
How do young, digital-first generations feel about their online privacy and security in...
North America
Finding Love Post-COVID Trend Report
For the last year, Gen Z and Millennials have been navigating modern love and dating in...
North America
Life Plans, Rewritten Trend Report
Young peoples’ lives were turned upside down due to COVID-19 with many of them missing ...
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