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Western Europe
WE Fitness Report
Earlier this year, young Europeans told YPulse that they were committed to improving th...
Western Europe
WE Mass Merch Mentality Trend Report
It might be assumed that big box shopping behaviors just wouldn’t be impacting young co...
Western Europe
WE Fintech Report
Gen Z and Millennials expect tech to be integrated with every aspect of their lives—and...
Western Europe
WE News Consumption and Trust Report
Young Europeans are following the news to stay informed about the issues and causes the...
Western Europe
WE Local / Global Citizenship Report
In 2018, YPulse explored young Americans’ growing interest in global trends and media i...
Western Europe
WE Social Media Monitor Report
Every six months YPulse thoroughly measures Gen Z and Millennials’ activity on social m...
Western Europe
WE Main Character Energy Trend Report
Young Europeans have spent the past two years re-evaluating and reassessing their lives...
Western Europe
WE Summer Plans Report
As fewer young Europeans stay quarantined and they aim to make this year one of optimis...
Western Europe
WE Employment and Career Goals
The pandemic made work from home the norm. But as the world opens back up and companies...
Western Europe
WE Travel Report
As young Europeans get used to their new normal and the travel industry recovers, Gen Z...
Western Europe
WE Hobbies and Passions Report
After years of screen-centric entertainment, young Europeans are still spending more of...
Western Europe
WE Sports and Athletics
As the sports industry recovers from the pandemic, young Europeans are eager to get bac...