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Western Europe
WE Mass Merch Mentality Trend Report
It might be assumed that big box shopping behaviors just wouldn’t be impacting young co...
Western Europe
WE Main Character Energy Trend Report
Young Europeans have spent the past two years re-evaluating and reassessing their lives...
Western Europe
WE Buying Into Crypto and NFTs Trend Report
The value and future of NFTs and crypto seem to be debated daily. But one fairly consis...
Western Europe
WE The Metaverse Trend Report
What even is the metaverse and are young Europeans interested? YPulse’s exploration ...
Western Europe
WE New Content Creators Trend Report
The majority of young Europeans are creating content for an audience—and that means alm...
Western Europe
WE The In-Between Trend Report
As we enter 2022, we’ve been exploring the mindsets of Gen Z and Millennials in Western...
Western Europe
WE Pop Culture Redefined Trend Report
What cultural moments matter to young people today? Gen Z and Millennials have transfor...
Western Europe
WE Self-Taught Trend Report
Thanks to their early access to the internet, Gen Z and Millennials are the most connec...
Western Europe
WE What’s Next for Work Report
The pandemic has fundamentally changed young Europeans’ career plans and paths. Many ha...
Western Europe
WE Future of Experience Report
When COVID hit, live experiences were forced to pack up and hibernate a while. Events w...
Western Europe
WE Clicking on Community Trend Report
Young people are often criticized for their disconnection from the “real world,” but th...