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Got a need-to-know-now question for young consumers?

Just ask.


Introducing PULSE on-demand research.

Ask a question and get hundreds of responses from screened Millennial and Gen Z consumers in minutes.

Now available to ALL YPulse premium subscribers.



A Primer on PULSE

What's a PULSE?

A Pulse is a micro-survey of 1-3 ad-hoc research questions that you can send to hundreds of Millennial and Gen Z respondents on-demand 24/7. As soon as you send off your Pulse, you can see the responses come in real-time. Get 200 responses in less than 5 minutes*.

It's real-time research. For real.

* Note: responses will be slower at night when respondents are typically sleeping.

“The learnings from our PULSE directly led to each of the business opportunities tested being moved forward. In some cases it helped us validate that a specific opportunity warranted further investment or work or helped us quickly narrow in on key options or business choices on the best path forward.” -- Dan Jahnke, The North Face

Why do I need to use PULSE?

Research speed has never been more important. Even though most Gen Zs and Millennials have been sheltering-in-place for the past months, their tastes have been doing anything but. A trend can be over faster than you can say "Joe Exotic". A PULSE gives you the quickest read on your consumers so you can execute your strategies both quickly and confidently.

Check their temperature on hot issues that would normally take days to field. For example, after #BlackLivesMatter protests began at the end of May, we used PULSE to get clarity around Gen Z and Millennial participation in the protests, and how they want brands to be involved. You can read more on the story here.


How does PULSE work?


Pick your audience

Target and segment consumers based on 60+ demographic, behavioral and attitudinal points including age, education, income, media consumption, politics, and more.


Write your questions

Create 1-3 questions per PULSE. Questions types include:

  • Yes/no
  • Open-end
  • Multiple answer
  • Slider response
  • Image answer
  • And more

Get your answers

As soon as you launch your PULSE, you can watch your responses pour in immediately. You can filter responses by data points in real-time or re-access respondents with further questions.

How much does PULSE cost?

Every respondent costs one credit. Whether you ask only one question or all three in your PULSE, you’ll pay one credit per respondent. Credit prices vary by subscription level. 

Use our calculator below to determine how much your PULSE credit package will cost.

We typically recommend using 200 respondents per PULSE for a quick gut check across the overall population. A sample of 500 will enable comparisons across subgroups (i.e. by age, by gender). 


Ready to buy credits? Questions on how PULSE works?