Ypulse Essentials: The 'Phineas & Ferb' Movie Reaches Record Ratings, Teen Choice Awards Winners, Enjoy A Bieber Sundae

Disney debuted the TV movie ‘Phineas and Ferb: Across The 2nd Dimension’ on Friday (and the flick — based on the TV series of the same title — drew in an impressive 7.6 million viewers! It’s the top cable movie of the year so far and the fourth animated cable telecast of all time for tweens, which isn’t surprising considering all the promotions that led up to the film’s premiere; Disney recently released a Phineas and Ferb video game and had a cross-country tour to build buzz. In other movie news, “Catching Fire” — the sequel to “The Hunger Games” — just got a release date of November 2013! and we can hardly wait!) (Zap2it) (The Hollywood Reporter)

- ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Twilight,’ Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez were among the top winners (at the Teen Choice Awards last night. Many of the other usual suspects took home surfboards in this celebration of teen pop culture, including our favorite Web star Rebecca Black! She’s really having “her moment” since she also performed at Katy Perry’s concert this weekend) (MSN) (Entertainment Weekly)

- How would you like to eat a Bieber Sundae? (For the launch of Justin’s “Someday” perfume in London, Harrods created a special dessert inspired by his fragrance. The $32 dish includes wild berry and vanilla ice cream, fresh pear, lavender sprinkles, and edible glitter. This is slightly ridiculous — okay, totally ridiculous! — but at least it’s for a good cause; all the proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish foundation and some serious Beliebers would definitely order this! In other Bieber news, students can learn about Justin and Taylor Swift in the classroom thanks to “Fame” comic books and the accompanying lesson plans. Bluewater Productions and The Graphic Classroom teamed up to create educational material that is bound to engage students) (NY Daily News)…


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Millennial News Feed

Quote of the Day: “It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without being hungover and pushing the meal back an hour!” –Male, 28, MA

Millennials are watching new TV…they’re just doing it on their own time. Rather than tune in for live episodes more and more 18-34-year-old viewers are waiting to watch of time-shifting sites like Hulu. One new study found that these younger viewers are only watching live TV 30% of the time, and that another 30% of the time, they are watching shows “outside of Nielsen's live-plus-3 and live-plus-7 measurements.” (Adweek)

The new talking Hello Barbie could be a big hit with kids, but is she also “every parents’ worst nightmare?” Because talking to Hello Barbie feels like talking to a real person, there is a chance that kids will tell her nearly everything about themselves and their lives, which could be an issue for parents who have privacy concerns. At the same time, parents can access all of the topics their kids have been discussing, which brings up its own set of questions and potentially problematic situations. (Daily Dot)

Taco Bell successfully campaigned for the taco emoji, and now another brand wants to give young consumers a way to more easily text and chat about their product. Durex is promoting the hashtag #CondomEmoji in a crusade to have one created around World Aids Day. The brand’s research found that 80% of 18-25-year-olds find it easier to express themselves using emojis, and more than 50% regularly use emojis when sexting. (brandchannel)

College students aren’t known for their cleanliness, or their ability to do laundry and actually wash their sheets. One company has a solution: just throw those sheets away after using. Beantown Bedding has invented disposable, compostable bedding that they are advertising for “travel, Airbnb and college.” The sheets are made from recyclable materials, can be used for a few weeks, and are biodegradable. (Springwise)

These days, trends can move pretty fast—so Popsugar surveyed their readers to find out how Millennial women are defining and discovering trends, and learning more about the ones that capture their interest. Almost 60% consider themselves trend “followers” who wait for trends to go mainstream before paying attention, social media is the top source for trend discovery, and 42% go to a digital or print publication to learn more once they know a trend exists. (Digiday)

Quote of the Day: “Cannabis will be a part of my Thanksgiving day.” –Male, 31, KN

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