The Friday Don’t Miss List

Check out what Millennials have been saying, doing, and seeing this week in our round-up of topics that we covered along with what’s trending. In case you missed it…





1. The Comical State of Millennials
We covered the satirical comic from Millennial Matt Bors in this week’s Essentials, but the artist is far from finished with his generational commentary. Bors posted a follow-up on his blog referring to the share numbers for the comic strip, which reached 117,000 on Facebook and garnered 5,879 comments so far, essentially saying 'I told you so' to CNN’s editors who have been reluctant to post comics for years. Expect to see more from Bors and make sure not to miss his next post about unpaid internships.

2. Brooklyn is the New “It” Girl
This week’s Essentials also mentioned the “Brooklyn Girl” as a blanket stereotype for female hipsters, and apparently “Brooklynification” will live on in pop culture for the time being. Don’t miss one Millennial who is super annoyed, noting that hipsters are everywhere: Portland, Chicago, LA, and “Brooklyn didn’t invent the Brooklyn Girl.”


3. Don’t Quit Cable Just Yet
We told you about the wave of Millennial-focused TV networks, so don’t miss newcomer Pivot who is fighting for the top spot. With a focus on social advocacy and creative content, Pivot will debut 300 hours of original programming including Please Like Me, a scripted series that centers on an Australian 21-year-old. If the cult popularity of HBO’s Aussie-teen-filled Summer Heights High is any indication of the show’s potential for success, Pivot could become a favorite. Did we mention Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s variety show on the network? 99 days left and counting.
4. Surprise! These Are a Few of Your Favorite Things
Our article on innovative small…

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Millennial News Feed

Quote of the Day: “My tablet is my least favorite device, it’s not good to play games on.” –Male, 27, CA

Toy-inspired films have had some big success in the last few years, and now Hollywood has a new, perhaps unexpected, source of inspiration from our childhoods: Play-Doh.Bridesmaids director Paul Feig may direct the live-action film from Fox, which he reports will be “a big movie, big in scope.” Though some might sniff at the idea of a movie based on colorful clay, the memory of The LEGO Movie’s success has many predicting Play-Doh could be a hit as well. (Collider)

Although rumors of Millennials’ supposed hookup culture abound, they actually have fewer sexual partners than previous generations. According to recent study, today’s 18-29-year-olds average eight sexual partners, while Gen Xers averaged 11, and Boomers 10. However, Millennials were the least judgmental about premarital sex, with 62% saying there is nothing wrong with it, compared with 50% of those polled in the ‘90s, and 47% of those polled in the ‘70s. Ypulse’s most recent trend report reveals even more about the sex and dating behavior of young people today. (TimeMedical Daily)

Millennials have a reputation for job-hopping, and last year the median job duration for 20-24-year-olds was less than 16 months. To hook young hires for the long run, some companies are hosting mentorship “mixers,” relaxing dress codes, and asking younger employees to play a role in the hiring process. Some experts recommend openly talking to Millennial workers about the chances they will leave, and using a “tour of duty” structure in which employees and managers agree upon a specific amount of time the job will last. (Wall Street Journal)

Tyler Ward and Dave Days are proof that musicians don’t have to be part of the traditional music industry to have millions of fans, and dollars. They are two of the many YouTube musicians who have millions of 12-18-year-old viewers enamored. Their draw is that they are, as singer Tiffany Alvord says, “just normal, everyday people like them…relatable and reachable,” But while they’re experiencing unprecedented popularity, many young YouTube celebrities are choosing to remain independent of labels in order to stay in control of their own direction. (The Guardian)

Aerie, the lingerie line that has received kudos from young consumers for challenging beauty standards in marketing, is taking a “little sister” under their wing. The brand is partnering with Yellowberry, a tween lingerie company that emphasizes confidence and was launched by an 18-year-old via Kickstarter. The limited edition #AerieForYellowberry collection is meant to provide younger girls with a stepping-stone to the older brand. (brandchannel)

Did you know that Ypulse tracks social media trends in our monthly surveys? We found that Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat have seen steady growth since August 2013, gaining 7%, 11%, and 15% more users 13-32-years-old, respectively. Our Silver and Gold subscribers can find helpful visuals that detail our tracked trends in the Data Room on (Ypulse)

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