How Google Made Their Art App Cool on The Viral List

Millennial research, Millennial insight, Millennial marketing, Gen Z research, Gen Z marketing, Gen Z insight, youth research, youth marketing

Google’s new app feature is flooding social media feeds with art (and selfies), two Millennial mothers are making headlines after taking on H&M’s marketing, Hard Candy’s attempt to join in on the #MeToo uprising backfires, and other stories gaining traction on the web:

Millennial research, Millennial insight, Millennial marketing, Gen Z research, Gen Z marketing, Gen Z insight, youth research, youth marketingHow Google Made Their Art App Cool  

Google’s year-old Arts & Culture app went viral this week thanks to a new feature that's flooding everybody’s social media feeds with art. The app, which shot up to the most-downloaded free app on both iOS and Android this week, now houses a feature that asks: “Is your portrait in a museum?” From there users can take a selfie and get matched with artwork that closely resembles their face. On Wednesday, Google reported that more than 30 million selfies were uploaded onto the app, and celebrities like Kumail Nanjiani of Silicon Valley and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey are among the many who have shared their results.

Millennial research, Millennial insight, Millennial marketing, Gen Z research, Gen Z marketing, Gen Z insight, youth research, youth marketingTwo Millennial Moms Tell H&M to Go Gender Neutral

Two Norwegian mothers are making headlines for taking H&M’s marketing into their own hands. Torny Hesle and Ingrid Lea, who work as creatives at The Oslo Company, were frustrated with H&M’s portrayal of girls in shiny, glittery clothes and boys in aspirational, action-themed clothes. They set up their own professional photoshoot with the brand’s clothing, mixing and matching pieces that helped expressed the child’s personality, and not their gender. The resulting campaign, “Just Kids,” was even offered up to the retailer with downloadable assets that are free to use. Despite the rise of the Genreless Generation, most major retailers continue to separate kids clothing by gender, but don’t miss how Abercrombie & Fitch is helping change the game: their first gender-neutral kids clothing line “Everybody Collection” will be out…


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“I move around every few years so it would be a huge hassle to have to buy and sell property so frequently.”—Female, 28, IN

Gen Z will spend the most on rent of any generation, but Millennials aren’t far behind. HotPads estimates that 2-20-year-olds will spend $226,000 on rent before they buy a home and 24-38-year-olds will ring in at $202,000. Despite the difference, Gen Z will own their first home one year earlier than Millennials because they’ll have “a stronger job market than [M]illennials”—but, despite the myths, they are buying homes in greater numbers. PS: Los Angeles tops the list of where young demos will spend the most on rent. (Business Insider)

What’s behind board games' popularity today? The NPD Group found that board games grew 8% compared to the toy industry’s overall growth of 8% in the past year and has “no signs of slowing down.” Digital detoxing plays a part, as more Millennial parents worry about their kids’ screen time and seek toys that foster face-to-face relationships. But despite the analog appeal, games are also getting high-tech and the word-of-mouth media they receive propels social media-friendly games like Pie Face to the top of toy charts. (Kidscreen)

Parents still have the most influence over kids today, but online celebrities are also top role models. Mintel research found that 86% of 6-17-year-olds say their parents are among their top role models, 62% say teachers, and 41% say siblings. But the top kind of celebrity that gets added to the category are social media celebrities at 35%, followed closely by musicians and athletes. Only 22% said actors were among their top role models and just 16% said the President. (MediaPost)

Disney has a new beverage to fill your Instagram feed: The Purple Wall Slushie. The Millennial & Gen Z-loved company has had no problem coming up with social media-friendly items, from Baby Groot bread to a viral Beauty and the Beast-inspired tumbler, and now they’ve rolled out a boba and taro beverage at Disney World. The Purple Wall is a famous destination to snap a pic for social media in the Magic Kingdom, and this slushy is made specifically to match up with the wall (and monetize on it). (POPSUGARInsider)

Speaking of Instagrammability, the Space Needle’s new, clear benches are sure to make for a thrilling photo op. The iconic viewing deck for the Seattle skyline has been in the midst of a makeover to create a better (and decidedly more social media-worthy) viewing experience. A metal base and caging has been replaced with a high glass wall from floor to sky, and so-called “skyrisers” will let visitors sit right on the edge of it all—and snap a selfie. (Curbed)

“People have been planning outfits since the start of the year [for prom].”—Male, 15, NC

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