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Hollister is going all-in on Gen Z TikTok influencers to market to high schoolers.

Mar 15 2022

Hollister is going all-in on Gen Z TikTok influencers to market to high schoolers. With its first class of the Hollister Creative Collective completed, Hollister reports how the long-term partnership has helped boost its brand presence on TikTok. The brand worked with more than a dozen up-and-coming Gen Z TikTokers, who posted regular content, led Instagram live shopping and story takeovers on Hollister’s account, and produced custom music to use on TikTok and in-store. According to an executive at 160over90, the agency behind Hollister’s influencer marketing, the collective’s audience grew by more than 900% from the first campaign in June 2021 to February 2022. The agency also tracked “added value content” (meaning, content that is created about the brand outside of the influencers’ contractual obligations) and found that more than 800 pieces of added value content was created in total throughout the nine-month period. YPulse’s New Content Creators trend research shows 60% of young people who are creating content for an audience are interested in promoting brands, and creating long-term relationships with emerging content creators can not only help brands create relevant advertising / marketing content, but help them authentically engage with the audience they’re trying to reach on social media as well. (Digiday)