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  Topline: Relationships/Dating & Weddings

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Relationships & Dating Behavior Feelings on Marriage  Wedding Trends & Desires 

  Brand Tracker Report: Super Bowl LIII Ads

In the age of advertising ADD, are Super Bowl ads just hype, with even the most memorable spots ineffective in shifting brands’ bottom lines?...

  Topline: Social Media Behavior

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Social Media Behavior & Sharing  Influencers & Brands on Social Media 

  Topline: Ad/Marketing Effectiveness

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES:  Ad/Marketing Effectiveness Discounts & Reviews Children Accounts 

  Topline: Social Media Monitor

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES:  Social Media Monitor Online Celebrities 

  Topline: Causes/Charity & Activism

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Statements on Childhood Social Good & Activism Donation Behavior Brand Trust & Social Good

  Topline: Valentine’s Day

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Relationship Status Valentine's Day Participation  Valentine's Day Shopping & Spend

  Infographic Snapshot: Holiday 2018 Gifting (& Getting)

WHAT'S IN THE INFOGRAPHIC & TABLES: Post-Holiday Spending  When & Where They Shopped  Holiday Gifts 

  Topline: New Year Plans

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Dry January Participation New Year Resolutions & Predictions  Stress Relievers 

  Topline: Life Planning & Milestones

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Current Outlook & Optimism  Current Living Situation  Major Life Events & Goals 

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