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  Topline: Cooking & Diets

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Meal & Beverage Consumption  Cooking Behavior

  Topline: Finance/Spending Monitor

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Job Status Spending  Savings & Debt  Monthly Bills

  YPulse Trend Report: New Parents on The Block

While many Millennials have continued to delay having children, the generation is having more babies than any other generation, and their unique approach is reshaping...

  YPulse Trend Report: Wellness Intensified

Gen Z & Millennials are increasing their focus on their health and wellness in new, and sometimes extreme, ways. A perfect storm of forces is...

  YPulse Trend Report: Speaker Culture

Voice activated technologies are rapidly emerging and young consumers are increasingly speaking to their devices. Smart speakers are gaining the most traction as a voice-activated...

  Topline: Religion & Spirituality

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES:  Religious/Spiritual Participation & Beliefs Supernatural & Alternative Beliefs 

  YPulse Brand Report 2019

We regularly share young consumers’ favorite brands and products across industries—and in typical YPulse fashion, we wanted to expand our insights to...

  Topline: Tech/Device Use & Ownership

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Device Ownership & Use Shopping for Devices Thoughts on Tech 

  Topline: Super Bowl

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Ad Effectiveness/Super Bowl Marketing Super Bowl Watching 

  Topline: Media Consumption Tracker

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Content Preferences  Devices & Screens  Services Used 

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