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  Topline: Influencer Marketing

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Celebrity Culture  Influencer Marketing & Trust 

  Topline: Finance/Spending Tracker

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Job Status Spending  Savings & Debt  Monthly Bills

  Q2 2018 Ypulse Quarterly: Brandoms, Causes to Crises, Shoppability

Q2 2018 QUARTERLY REPORT TRENDS:  (scroll down to download!)         BRANDOMS Fandoms for franchises like Harry Potter and One Direction...

  Topline: Health & Fitness

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Health & Fitness  Drug Use  Mental Health 

  Topline: Beauty/Personal Care Products Shopping

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Health & Beauty Shopping Behavior Makeup Routines & Preferences Thoughts on the Beauty Industry 

  Topline: 4th of July & Thoughts on America

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: 4th of July Plans & Spending Thoughts on America

  Topline: Media Consumption Tracker

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Content Preferences  Devices & Screens  Services Used 

  Topline: Employment & Career Goals

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Graduation  Current Employment  Future Employment & Goals 

  Topline: Prom

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Prom Participation & What They Look Forward To How Much & Where They Will Be Spending For...

  Topline: Summer Plans


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