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  Topline: New Year’s Celebrating

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: New Year's Eve Plans  How They Feel About New Year's  New Year Resolutions 

  Topline: Post Holiday Shopping Check In

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Post Holiday Spending  When and Where They Shopped Holiday Gifting 

  Q4 2016 Ypulse Quarterly: Loyal-ish, The Post-TV Gen, Teen Spotlight

Q4 Quarterly Report Trends:              Loyal-ish Young consumers today—both Millennials and Gen Z—have a reputation...

  Topline: Luxury Purchasing, Thoughts on Luxury, and Auto Preferences

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Luxury Purchasing  Thoughts on Luxury  Auto Preferences

  Topline: Social Media & Media Consumption Tracker, Social Marketing Preferences, and Life Milestones

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Social Media Tracker Media Consumption Tracker  Social Marketing Preferences Life Milestones Holiday Wishlist 

  Topline: Financial & Spending Tracker, Going Out & Drinking

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Finance Tracker  Spending Tracker  Going Out and Drinking 

  Topline: Holiday Shopping & Wishlist Checklist, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Plans, Winter Holidays

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Holiday Shopping & Wishlist Checklist Black Friday & Cyber Monday Plans Winter Holidays

  Topline: Millennial Parents and Thanksgiving Plans & Spending

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Millennial Parents Thanksgiving Plans and Spending 

  Topline: Tech Brand Tracker and Back to School Shopping

WHAT'S IN THE TOPLINE & TABLES: Tech Brand Tracker Back to School Shopping Sentiment Back to School Shopping Behavior Back to School Spending &...

  Bonus Special Report: Millennials & The 2016 Election

WHAT'S IN THE REPORT & TABLES: Political Leanings Voting Plans Who They're Voting For & Why The Undecided Election Do-Over

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