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Welcome to Pulse

Ask a question and get hundreds of responses from screened Millennial and Gen Z consumers within minutes. It's the perfect complement to your YPulse subscription.

What Pulse is

A quick read from verified and screened Millennial and Gen Z respondents. Check their temperature on hot issues that would normally take days to field. Perfect for when speed is the utmost priority.

What Pulse isn't

A substitute for traditional market research when you need more depth or nuance. We recommend Pulse as an enhancement to your existing YPulse research program.

So what exactly is a Pulse?


A Pulse is a set of 1-3 ad-hoc research questions that you can ask hundreds of Millennial and Gen Z respondents on-demand 24/7. As soon as you send off your Pulse, you can see the responses come in real-time. Get 200 responses in less than 5 minutes.

How does Pulse work?

Determine your demo

Target hundreds of respondents by age, gender, employment, media consumption, politics, and more.

Ask your questions

You can write up to three questions per Pulse from simple yes/no to open-end to image test. The possibilities are endless.

Get your answers

Watch the responses fly in immediately. Analyze the data in real-time on our dashboard or download the summary or raw data.

Re-access respondents

Need to follow-up? Want to string multiple Pulses together? You can speak to the same group of respondents with a click.

What does it cost to send a Pulse?

Each Pulse respondent costs one credit. Regardless of the number or the types of questions in your Pulse, you pay only one credit for every respondent.

We recommend 200 respondents for a quick gut check across the overall population. A sample of 500 will enable comparisons across sub-groups (e.g. by gender or age).

Need credits? Contact

Ready to fire a Pulse?

Click the button and get ready for answers in minutes.