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Custom Gen Z and Millennial Research

We craft solutions to connect brands with Gen Z and Millennial consumers, uncovering meaningful insights to transform your youth strategy.

Young people are constantly challenging and re-shaping the world we live in—which makes researching and understanding them rarely straightforward.

And that's why YPulse Custom Research is here for you.

Are there aspects of young peoples’ lives that you want to explore more in depth? Are there youth movements you want to tap into, but don’t authentically know how? Are you developing new products and services for them? Are you questioning the assumptions your business currently holds about young people?

Our award-winning team of youth experts, data strategists, creative thinkers, and storytellers will help you design solutions that are tailored to your needs and collaboratively uncover findings that will empower your business decisions.

Custom Solutions

Market Sizing


Concept Testing

Multi-Generational Comparisons


White Space Ideation


Qualitative Online Communities


Focus Groups

In-Depth Interviews

Behavioral Tracking

Thought Leadership

Ad Effectiveness

Communicating the Research

Having the answers isn’t guaranteed to motivate change. While a research report will simply be read by the members of your team, creative deliverables have the power to inspire and inform busy executives and audiences at scale. We produce materials that will help you communicate the research in novel ways and make an impact. From infographics and white papers to sizzle reels and mini-sites, we find the optimal way to connect with your audience. Download a few examples of our work below.

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