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Covid-19 News

Del Taco is offering deals and taco-themed horoscopes while Mercury is in retrograde.

Jan 14 2022

Del Taco is offering deals and taco-themed horoscopes while Mercury is in retrograde. Oh, Mercury. How we hate to see you in retrograde. Luckily, Del Taco is offering everyone a cosmic deal to comfort consumers during these turbulent times with a BOGO offer running every time Mercury is in retrograde (a.k.a. “the celestial optical illusion in which the planet Mercury appears to move backwards, and is often associated with misfortune”). Starting today (January 14) through February 3, Del Yeah! Rewards members can score a free taco when they order the Chicken Taco Del Carbon (part of its 20 under $2 menu). After February 3, consumers will have another chance to get in on the deal from May 10-June 2, September 9-October 2, and December 29-January 18, 2023. Additionally, offers consumers value menu suggestions based on their zodiac sign, plus a taco-themed horoscope reading. Young consumers continue to fuel the mainstreaming of mystical healing and astrology (our religion and spirituality research found that the percentage of young people who say mystical healing and supernatural powers can influence health has increased by 19pts compared to 2017), and creating deals / products that speak to this interest is one way to appeal to them. (Adweek)

Naomi Osaka and Venus Williams partnered with Nike and Stitch Fix on active-focused campaigns.

Jan 14 2022

Naomi Osaka and Venus Williams partnered with Nike and Stitch Fix on active-focused campaigns. For Osaka’s third collab with Nike, the tennis star’s curated activewear collection features a stylish mix of unisex pieces like long sleeve turtleneck tops, vests, buckled tennis pants, sweatshirts, t-shirts. Orange, gray, black, red, and green (Osaka’s favorite hues) are fused into the collection, along with pops of camo print. Osaka points out that it was important to include “something for everyone, which means more versatile, gender-neutral pieces.” Meanwhile, Venus Williams teamed up with Stitch Fix to help consumers combat “gymtimidation.” The “Goodbye Gymtimidation” campaign features tips from Williams on how to overcome self-doubt, a partnership with the Happier app, and highlights Stitch Fix’s size-inclusive activewear from brands like Girlfriend Collective, Adidas, Free People Movement, and Williams’ EleVen. The campaign was inspired by internal research that found 59% of women who work out say it’s hard to find workout gear that fits and performs perfectly—and 89% of women in the U.S. “are more likely to stick to their fitness goals if they have workout clothes that make them feel confident.” (VarietyAdweek)

Pro sports leagues are evolving to appeal to Gen Z fans.

Jan 14 2022

Pro sports leagues are evolving to appeal to Gen Z fans. YPulse’s Scouting Next Gen Sports Fans trend data shows 67% of Gen Z males and 46% of Gen Z females consider themselves sports fans, but this generation is less engaged with their sports fandom. Now, leagues are amping up their strategy to avoid losing a generation of fans (according to the NFL’s CMO, grabbing their attention by the time they’re 18-years-old is vital). Esports, collaborating with popular TikTok creators / gamers, social media content centered on sports personalities, and introducing accessible viewing options are some of the ways the NFL, MLB, the NBA, and more have been reaching young viewers, along with modifying how games are played to increase engagement (at least for the MLB). The NFL has also been going after parents on Facebook by encouraging them to sign their kiddos up to play flag football for a fun (and safer) introduction to the sport. Our research shows sports fandom actually grew during the pandemic, and as Gen Z continues aging up, sports betting is one way they’ll be engaging, too. (NYT)

Streaming services have big plans to increase their global footprint in 2022.

Jan 14 2022

Streaming services have big plans to increase their global footprint in 2022. YPulse’s Borderless Culture trend research explores young consumers’ interest in content from other countries, and following Netflix’s global success with Squid Game (along with titles like Money HeistWho Killed Sara?Lupin, and Dark), streaming services are amping up their plans (and budgets) for foreign-language content. Disney will spend $33 billion on content this year (an $8 billion increase from 2021) as it dedicates “higher spend to support our [direct to consumer] expansion” and already has around 340 local language series in production; Netflix says it will spend $17 billion on content and acquisitions (up $14 billion from 2021); WarnerMedia and Discovery say they expect to spend $20 billion on content following the close of their merger; and Amazon’s Citadel (a global spy franchise from the Russo brothers) consists of a main crossover series and multiple local-language spinoffs. One media insider notes, “The streamers are seeing most of the growth coming from outside the U.S., and most of that growth isn’t necessarily coming with Hollywood imports, but with homegrown talent and homegrown stories.” (The WrapYahoo! Finance)

Half of Gen Z would rather live at home with their parents than give up social media.

Jan 14 2022

Half of Gen Z would rather live at home with their parents than give up social media. According to a June Homes survey, Gen Z has some rather specific preferences on what they’re looking for in an apartment / living situation: this generation would rather have free mental healthcare for life than have a dishwasher, washer / dryer, or private outdoor space; nearly one-third of Gen Z are willing to rent an apartment without seeing it in person first; and 50% would rather live at home with their parents than give up social media. Additionally, more than half of Gen Z are open to the idea of living in a new city every few months, and they tend to favor pet-friendly spaces. YPulse’s Shopping for the Home research found that relaxation, a social-media-ready aesthetic, and dedicated fitness spaces are some of the top things they want in their homes. (House Beautiful)