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Now, we're looking at what comes next for young consumers. As they navigate a post-COVID world, we'll be integrating our coverage of the pandemic's ongoing impacts into all of our subscriber-exclusive research on these generations.

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YPulse is carefully monitoring COVID-19’s impact on young consumers and how brands can respond. As a service to our readers, YPulse has unlocked all COVID-19 articles and newsfeed items. Check back daily for the latest news on how Millennials and Gen Zs are dramatically changing their spending, behaviors, and attitudes in the wake of the pandemic.

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Tourist spots and candy companies are getting “creative and resourceful” to make Halloween happen. 

Oct 01 2020

Tourist spots and candy companies are getting “creative and resourceful” to make Halloween happen. Halloween is America’s second largest consumer holiday and a $8.8 billion industry, and young people aren’t cancelling Halloween this year—especially with brands finding ways to keep it going. Hershey’s has released a trick-or-treating safety map, and Mars-Wrigley launched a virtual trick-or-treat platform. Party City is promoting virtual gatherings and “drive-by celebrations” while haunted houses are converting to drive-thrus or following new safety measures. Meanwhile, popular tourist spots like Universal and Disney theme parks are setting up a few haunted houses and notoriously spooky towns like Salem are still offering walking ghost tours and museum visits. (Travel + LeisureVox)

Cannabis vape companies are seeing a sales boom during COVID. 

Oct 01 2020

Cannabis vape companies are seeing a sales boom during COVID. The pandemic is driving upticks in cannabis use, and startups and major companies like Canopy Growth, PAX, and Grenco Science are reporting “record sales” resulting in products selling out and supply chain shortages. According to Canopy Growth, they see the last few months as “a turning point” for cannabis when it comes to economic impact for legalization and taxing cannabis. And they believe that young consumers are “waking up” to cannabis’ level of sophistication. YPulse’s Cannabis Infusion report found that 48% of 18-36-year-olds think marjiuana should be legalized for medical and recreational use. (TechCrunch)

Families are “roadschooling” during the era of remote learning. 

Oct 01 2020

Families are “roadschooling” during the era of remote learning. YPulse’s travel report found that a majority of young consumers are interested in taking road trips during the pandemic, and some families are renting or buying campers and RVs, and taking remote work and schooling on the road. According to RVshare, RV bookings from September to November have “more than doubled” in the last year, and more than half of their customers are families with children under 18-years-old. However, some of them are experiencing “tech challenges” like spotty WiFi and turning to apps like Coverage? to check where “major wireless carriers have good service,” and Campendium or RVParky for campsite reviews. (WSJ)

Gen Z is using fashion on TikTok to combat climate change. 

Oct 01 2020

Gen Z is using fashion on TikTok to combat climate change. YPulse found that 51% of 13-18-year-olds use TikTok to obtain news and information and with climate change still a top priority to young people, it has become a go-to space for talking about and consuming environmental content. Videos about upcycling and designing clothes are just some of the popular sustainable fashion content on the platform. Others are turning to the app—which they actually trust more than traditional news outlets—for more serious educational content, such as the long term effects the fashion industry has on the planet. But amid the drama and uncertainty of TikTok’s future, many teens are worried they could lose their top source for environmental news. (Refinery29)

Bath & Body Works’ “enduring fan base” is helping them thrive during the pandemic. 

Oct 01 2020

Bath & Body Works’ “enduring fan base” is helping them thrive during the pandemic. Bath & Body Works celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, and while the retailer has been around since the ‘90s, they have managed to stay afloat through the mall apocalypse and even the pandemic. In fact, YPulse’s brand data shows that they are a top-five scoring health and beauty brand among young females. Whether consumers are turning to small indulgences to treat themselves during a difficult time or buying up the soap and hand sanitizers (which comprised up to 15% of the retailer’s business in the second quarter), the brand has been thriving during a tough time for many. It certainly helps that they have “Instagrammable products” and major social word-of-mouth marketing: hashtags like #BathandBodyWorks and #BABW has millions of posts from fans. (Retail Dive)