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In March, YPulse launched our COVID-19 hub to provide accurate real-time data on the immediate, drastic changes to Gen Z and Millennials' lives in quarantine. We created nine webinars, 13 reports, and over 50 feature articles to guide brands through the crisis, and as a public service opened access to our COVID-19 articles and webinars to all readers.

Now, we're looking at what comes next for young consumers. As they navigate a post-COVID world, we'll be integrating our coverage of the pandemic's ongoing impacts into all of our subscriber-exclusive research on these generations.

On June 1, we will return to our regular reporting schedule. Current YPulse subscribers will continue to have unlimited access to all our articles, weekly behavioral reports, monthly trend reports, and monthly webinars on Gen Z and Millennials.

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The YPulse COVID-19 Hub

YPulse is carefully monitoring COVID-19’s impact on young consumers and how brands can respond. As a service to our readers, YPulse has unlocked all COVID-19 articles and newsfeed items. Check back daily for the latest news on how Millennials and Gen Zs are dramatically changing their spending, behaviors, and attitudes in the wake of the pandemic.

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Influencers are about to make more money on Instagram. 

May 29 2020
Influencers are about to make more money on Instagram. In the wake of talk about TikTok influencers being brands’ new go-tos, Instagram is doubling down on ways for their creators to make money on the platform by sharing ad revenue with them for the first time. New features will include ads on IGTV, digital badges that followers can buy through the Live feature, merch sales through Instagram Shopping, and an expansion of the Brands Collabs Manager tool, which handles sponsored campaigns between brands and influencers. While Instagram has been mostly “hands off” on monetization, these new updates could “drastically alter the influencer money making landscape.” (NYTimes, The Verge)

TikTok and virtual events are helping sports teams and brands stay afloat during COVID. 

May 29 2020
TikTok and virtual events are helping sports teams and brands stay afloat during COVID. The pandemic continues to upend sporting events, and many teams have had to scramble to find ways to appease brands as sponsorship plans are derailed. Due to legal reasons and contracts, some deals are harder to get out of, so virtual events like NASCAR’s iRacing series and NBA’s town halls have served as solutions for the time being. Athletes and leagues like the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA have turned to TikTok for sponsored hashtags and “challenge-driven content” (attracting millions and billions of views and followers) to keep their young fans entertained. (Front Office Sports, Ad Age, The Business Journals)

Alcohol brands are making plans for the post-pandemic future. 

May 29 2020
Alcohol brands are making plans for the post-pandemic future. There’s been a clear surge in alcohol sales during quarantine as young consumers stock booze and turn to brands they know, many of which have “widespread distribution and availability.” According to Nielson, online alcohol sales saw a “staggering” 339% surge during the first part of May. Despite the general spike, local craft breweries and distilleries, who rely on in-person tap and tasting rooms, are hurting as they struggle to migrate online.

Pinterest is getting into online grocery shopping, allowing users to buy ingredients through brand posts.

May 29 2020
Pinterest is getting into online grocery shopping, allowing users to buy ingredients through brand posts. It’s no secret that home cooking has surged during quarantine leading to a boom in online grocery sales. YPulse’s exclusive research found that 24% of 18-39-year-olds are grocery shopping online more because of COVID. According to Pinterest, between March and April they saw a 191% increase in searches for the term “leftovers,” as well as spikes in searches for “cooking tips”. Now, the site will offer up shoppable ads that would allow users to buy ingredients from brands like Hormel Pepperoni and Stella Artois through third-party vendor sites—pushing social shopping even further into the future. (Adweek, NRF)

Kiddie pool sales are surging right now (for obvious reasons). 

May 29 2020
Kiddie pool sales are surging right now (for obvious reasons). With public pools closed and summer just around the corner, quarantined families and young consumers are turning to the next best thing: inflatable kiddie pools. According to Amazon, sales of pools and pool-related products doubled in April, while Target saw “record-breaking” sales for their Minnidip “designer” adult-sized inflatable pools last month. They’re not just for children though, grown-up Millennials are also buying them to cool down in with “a hard seltzer or glass of rosé.” Meanwhile, built in pool companies are seeing an increased demand as well. (MarketWatch)