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5 Rising Stars To Watch: Teen Mag Roundup

We dug through the pages of Teen Vogue, Nylon, and Seventeen, to see who teen readers are being told is the next big thing. Here are five rising stars to watch: 

1. Musician Shawn Mendes

Rather than 15 minutes of fame, for teen Shawn Mendes it was less than 15 seconds to fame. The Viner micro-celeb is now hitting it big. After teaching himself to sing and play the guitar from YouTube videos for a few years, Mendes posted a Vine clip of him singing Justin Bieber’s “As Long as You Love Me,” and “it was a snowball effect from there.” Last year, the Vine star’s self-titled EP hit No. 1 on iTunes only 37 minutes after its release, thanks in part to his 2.9 million followers spreading a #ShawnToNumber1 hashtag. Of course, Shawn isn’t the first to experience microfame, but he’s on a roll making those fans and followers swoon with yesterday’s release of the song “Never Be Alone” and his gig opening for Taylor Swift this spring.

2. It Girl Gigi Hadid

Daughter of former model and Real Housewives Star Yolanda Foster, Gigi Hadid’s doll face and “blessed Bridget Bardot body” seem to be everywhere thanks to her cover story on Teen Vogue, ads for Guess, guest features, and celebrity news. The 19-year-old it girl’s supermodel stardom was propelled by her social media savvy. As she tells Teen Vogue, “social media is something that we all have to get in tune with. It’s a huge part of getting jobs now.” She keeps her two million Instagram followers close to her by posting things that will make sure people ”have nice things to say about me with whoever they are having dinner with that night.” You’ll be seeing a lot more of Gigi:  her fame is growing and she’s now the new face of Maybelline.

3. Music Duo Lion Babe

With a fresh, soul-infused roar, Lion Babe is a music duo to keep an eye on. “A match made in musical heaven” is a big statement, but when Pharrell’s mentoring the band, you know they could be on a path to stardom. Jillian Hervey’s “brassy vocals” and Lucas Goodman’s “kaleidoscopic grooves” are paired on their debut album, which includes songs featuring stars like Childish Gambino. Their work is gaining buzz, appearing on blogs and featured on Spotify curated playlists. 


4. Entrepreneur Stephi Maron

This 25-year-old entrepreneur is making her (beauty) mark in the makeup world. Founder and CEO of Blushington, a chain of beauty lounges that offers everything “from makeup application to waxing and lash extensions,” Stephi has created a successful business by creating the makeup spot that she wished existed herself. She dishes out valuable entrepreneurial advice in March’s Seventeen, and reveals a few success secrets: listen to your audience, ask for help, and take responsibility. Addressing her patrons as “lovelies,” she knows how to make her clients know “Feeling (Pretty) is Priceless.”

5. Model Binx Walton

Joining Gigi Hadid on the cover of Teen Vogue is Leona “Binx” Walton, and “if Gigi is an example of the child-of-immigrants, Binx illustrates the mixing pot.” Contrasting Hadid, Binx owns a tomboy, androdgynous look, yet she doesn’t allow it to pigeonhole her. Growing up in Knoxville, TN, she came in as an underdog, but her street smarts and originality turned heads. Like Hadid, At 20-years-old she is a digital native who understands the power in that, and uses authentic interest to connect with her peers, “the reality of today is that somebody can get booked more for their following than for who they really are.”