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Art Inspired Branding, A New Foodie Movement, and More: Teen Mag Roundup

A branded campaign for art inspiration, where a new foodie movement is coming from, and talent from the underground of overachievers: we’ve flipped through the September editions of Teen Vogue, Seventeen, and NYLON to keep you one step ahead of the new trends taking hold with young consumers. Read on for the three trends you need to know:



Ralph Lauren is the latest brand to take on the role of fostering Millennial talent, combining the hit makers and artists of the moment to kick off Project Warehouse from Denim & Supply. The mission of The Warehouse, a site living within the Denim & Supply brand online and across social media through #projectwarehouse, is to merge fashion and art by showcasing the visionaries of this generation and documenting how they use inspiration from the fashion brand in their work. Denim & Supply profiles a unique assortment of artists whether well known or just starting to gain recognition, and we see two of them representing this generation on a larger scale:


Avicii is the biggest name behind #projectwarehouse and offers exclusives details to the denim brand about his creative process, like recording up to 70 demos of basic vocal and instrument arrangements before choosing which hooks to take into production. Avicii originated the trend of turning EDM into something entirely different than just beats, combining elements of country, bluegrass, and folk on his last album. This time around he feels limitless, having broken EDM’s mold of beats-per-minute and captured the next generation of fans who want their music to live outside of genres. The common thread of electronic music remains, but expect to hear more unexpected influences, like reggae, taken to the extreme.


Alexa Meade graduated with a degree in politics, but her dreams of being an artist took hold in a “what do I have to lose moment” that she hasn’t looked back from since. Her art is entirely unique, creating a reverse trompe l’oeil effect by turning people and 3D spaces into 2D paintings. Her work is inspired by aspects of light and shadow, using layers of paint, mirrors, and cutouts to create a flat looking façade on real objects and people, and has included subjects decked in denim since teaming up with Project Warehouse. With 3,500+ followers on Twitter and almost 1,500 on Instagram, a large-scale brand campaign like this gives her exposure to a new community of art inspired Millennials.



In early July’s Teen Mag Roundup, we gave you the word on weed from Millennials themselves who showed a more laid-back association with weed than ever. For them, blazing is a casual, social activity, but a new crop of culinary artists is taking marijuana to another level, balking at common methods of ingestion like joints and brownies and instead highlighting weed as a flavorful herb to be combined with high quality ingredients. This new edibles movement, profiled by NYLON, isn’t meant for wild highs, but instead explores the use of marijuana in savory dishes, aka “gourmet ganja” or “bud in a bite.” Think fish sautéed with strawberry kush infused oil topped with a strawberry jalapeño salsa, or a weed-enhanced dish of tenderloin on sundried tomato mascarpone bread. The herb presents a new culinary challenge for chefs and is being used by members of the farm-to-table movement who believe that inventive foods should use only the best, fresh ingredients. Being over-intoxicated, whether by way of weed, alcohol, or other drugs, is losing its charm for Millennials, and since butters and oils are readily available in states where marijuana is legalized, the new foodie movement might center on appropriate edibles for various occasions from casual hangouts to fine dining.



Talent can be found anywhere, and these new faces on-screen and in the music world are proof that being on top of online platforms is crucial in discovering the next big thing.


You might recognize him for his best-friend role on the MTV show Teen Wolf or in trailers as the star of the next YA-adaptation, The Maze Runner, but Dylan O’Brien wasn’t always destined to be an actor. He started out with interests in sports broadcasting and even won a scholarship based on his YouTube videos, but fell into acting instead. The 22-year-old’s silver screen debut will come September 19th when The Maze Runner hits theaters, and it will be up to audiences whether or not the dystopian series gets a sequel.


Banks is the stage name of Jillian Banks, a 26-year-old singer-songwriter who started writing music at age 15 and until a year and a half ago, “was playing in my room for myself.” What propelled her into sold-out shows and festival tours was the support of her emerging, sultry sound from the community of music lovers on SoundCloud. Her song appeared in a Victoria’s Secret commercial last year and exposure continued with an approval tweet from Katy Perry, following the trend we’ve seen of seasoned musicians encouraging up-and-comers. Her songs are a reflection of her current mood, and following the success of her EP and other collaborations, fans seems to be on the same page.