The Power of Community: A Research Project by Reddit & YPulse


The social media landscape is changing. The tools that are supposed to bring us together are often making us feel more isolated and distant from one another. Alienation is the name of the game online. But on platforms like Reddit, the vibe is something different altogether…

Driven by authentic, user-driven communities and a sense of real belonging, Reddit has seen increases in user engagement year on year. They came to YPulse to understand why. We conducted an in-depth quantitative survey of social media users ages 13-39 who use Reddit and other platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat) to understand why Reddit is thriving among Gen Z and Millennials. We’re excited to present our findings in this whitepaper, which speaks to power of community on Reddit, and on a more fundamental level to the things that make humans happy online: belonging, engagement, trust, influence, and discovery. 

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