Daily news, insights, and expert commentary on current and future Millennial trends.

Infographic Snapshot: Millennials on Cooking

Millennials and food: one of the great love affairs of our time. This generation has embraced a foodie mentality that seems to be seeping into...

The Retail Carousel: Smart Brands Cashing in on Resale Economy

Millennials have a penchant for incorporating thrift finds into their wardrobes, but the trend goes beyond style nostalgia. During the economic downturn many learned to...

Cupid in a Smartphone: The Mobile Hunt for Love

Looking for love through an app is becoming more and more common for Millennials , and the dating apps they're using can teach us something...

Viral Potential: The Friday Don’t Miss List

The hilarious, the smart, and the sad of what went viral this week, from the ESPY Awards Millennialized to a fandom convention that backfired into...

Who You Should Follow on YouTube and Why

As top talent on YouTube breaks into the millionaire’s club, popular channels are winning new viewers and projects by remaining unique to their...

Selling Experience: Giving Them Something to Talk About

The startups succeeding in selling Millennials the pre-planned, sharable experiences they want to add interest to their social feeds and help break banality.   ...

Meme-Watch: The Inside Jokes Dominating the Internet Right Now

Decoding the sometimes bizarre, often hilarious, memes happening today in Millennials’ worlds, and why they matter. What’s in a meme? We sometimes...

Play Nice: The Fight for Positivity on Social Media

Social networks are taking it upon themselves to encourage positive communication and make social media a space where users actually act like friends. Millennials are...

Millennial News Feed

Quote of the Day: “When I hear the phrase ‘The American Dream' I think…A loaded term that is meaningless these days. At this point, I'd be happy if I can manage to live a mostly comfortable, independent life. Is that The American Dream? I don't know.” –Male, 25, PA

When it comes to kids using tablets and smartphones, most of the attention is given to the dangers of it all: what will it do to their attention spans, their minds, or their health? But there are potential positives to their mobile use as well. One (Millennial) mom’s reasons for continuing to give her kids handheld devices include the importance of encouraging their technology and problem solving skills, expectations that they will know how to use them in school, and a hope that her girls will be involved in tech in their futures. (Hip Mombrarian)

This might be the year that vending machines became a full blown marketing trend, and Nike has put their own athletic spin on the tactic. Their recent “secret” vending machine in NYC, the Nike+ FuelBox, dispensed products like hats, shirts, and socks that visitors could only pay for with daily points from their Nike+ FuelBands, encouraging exercise in exchange for goods. (Engadget)

We’ve seen FoMo, the rise and fall of YOLO, and now social media has given us MoMo, the “Mystery of Missing Out.” Unlike FoMo, Fear of Missing Out when you see your friends posting a ton of fun pictures on social media, MoMo is the anxiety that results when friends stop posting. In the words of one Millennial, “’what can be so good that they aren't posting?’” It might seem silly to some, but for a generation used to being connected with friends nearly all the time, the feeling of exclusion that results from being left out and unaware of what’s happening is real. (Jezebel)

The value of higher education is already being questioned by Millennials, and evidence is continuing to mount that college systems and hierarchies need to be rethought. One former Yale professor is making headlines by telling parents not to send their kids to Ivy League schools, and that those who attend are not the “winners in the race we have made of childhood” but that instead elite education produces “anxious, timid, and lost” young people. (New Republic)

Oh, Barbie. She's had a rough year, and Mattel recently released an Entrepreneur Barbie in an attempt to tap into girl power marketing, and revive flagging sales. But is the reality that Barbie is just too perfect for today’s kids? The brand’s offbeat, weirdo Monster High dolls do far better than pristine, “clean cut” blond icon. Tapping into new trends in toy tech and giving Barbie a renewed sense of “imaginative play” might help, but at the same time post-Millennials, like the generation before them, could be turned off by anything that doesn’t show some flaws. (The StarPhoenix)

Quote of the Day: “When I hear the phrase ‘The American Dream’ I think of 1950s cliches, the economic downturn of 2008, and how college debt has pretty much made it impossible.” –Female, 17, RI

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