Syndicated Services

Ypulse M-lifelineLifeline

Lifeline Syndicated gets you in-the-know about everything Millennial. We identify what is relevant, noteworthy, and up-and-coming in the Millennial world, and more importantly, help you understand the WHY behind the WHAT, providing you with the most important takeaways to share with the rest of your organization. Subscription levels offer constant data and insight feeds, monthy customized consultations, and Lifeline Quarterly, a synthesis of the big ideas and trends happening right now in youth culture. By utilizing quantitative and qualitative research, we can help you create a starting point for ideation and effective Millennial engagement.

Ypulse OmnibiMillennialize Me

Millennialize Me brings insights to a whole new level by experiencing Lifeline Syndicated in real time, since here at Ypulse we are firm believers that the best way to learn is by doing. Prior to our events, we equip you with Millennial knowledge and host a peer-to-peer community (with a panel of Millennials) that brings together like-minded brands for discussion and engagement. Attending Millennialize Me with a guided Millennial lens gives you the opportunity to be completely immersed in the insights and trends. Learn it, live it, do it!


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