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Ypulse MashupWe’re taking today off from blogging after a very successful 2008 Ypulse National Mashup. We had over 400 people attend at various points over the past two days—we’ll blog some highlights tomorrow and post photos on Flickr. For now, I’ll round up the growing body of coverage in the press and from various attendees. If you covered the event or find more coverage, please send it my way, and I’ll add it to this post. Also, we announced the dates of our next smaller Ypulse Mashup event, which will focus on high school juniors/seniors and college students (November 6-7) at Boston University. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to record this time around, but we are working on finding affordable (i.e. free) ways to capture either audio and/or video of future events as well as stream in Teen Second Life. Finally, I can’t thank our speakers, sponsors, attendees and volunteers enough for this year’s super event. Stay tuned….

CBS News (Larry Magid) Larry moderated our cyberbullying session…I attempted to post this response on his blog, but even though I was logged in, it didn’t seem to work:

While we do focus on effective ways to reach youth with technology, our audience is about one third non-profit/advocacy organizations so branding could be branding for a company or branding for an agency serving youth. In addition to the sessions you mentioned, we also had sessions on this year’s election, youth activism, on whether girls are the new geeks, and of course your own on what folks who create web sites for youth can do about cyberbullying.

So it was not just about “selling stuff to kids” it was also about using those technologies effectively and authentically to reach them whether it is with a product that is actually useful or a message that could save their lives or inspire them to create social change.

Also, in case anyone missed my one sentence sound bite on The Early Show, check out the segment they did on “Avatars behaving badly.”

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