Ypulse Research Roundup: Online Gaming Audience, The Power Of 'Like,' New Ypulse Report & More

Today we bring you another installment of the latest youth research available for sale or download. Remember if your company has comprehensive research for sale that focuses on youth between the ages of 8 and 24, email us to be included in the next Roundup.

Online Gaming Audience: Lines Blur As The Market Grows

Users can play games almost anywhere now thanks to social networks, consoles, computers, smartphones, tablets, and mobile phones. But as the gaming space grows, so too does the audience that plays online games. In a recent report, eMarketer explored the world of online gaming and the opportunities it presents for marketers. The report addresses the audiences for each glaming platform, the future of online gaming, players’ perceptions of in-game marketing, and how to connect in-game promotions to your audience. Cost: $695

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Americans And Their Cellphones: Millennials Use Mobile Devices To Avoid Social Situations

The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project examines Americans’ cellphone habits, and specifically provides information about adults ages 18-29 and their reliance on mobile devices. Among the findings in this survey is how Millennials regard cellphones as a security blanket; many have trouble completing a task if their phone is not nearby. Additionally, more than a quarter of Millennials use phones to avoid human interaction. They are known to be a social generation, but having grown up surrounded by technology, they may use devices to escape from real-life social situations…at least sometimes. Twenty-somethings even pretend to talk on the phone or text when they don’t want to communicate with those who are physically nearby. They view phones as a reliable source of entertainment, but even the most connected consumers need a break, and turn their phones off — for a short period of time — to get an escape. Cost: Free.

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The Power of Like: How Brands Reach and Influence Fans Through Social Media

comScore and Facebook provide information about the reach and frequency of social media brand impressions — whether that’s content brands post themselves, information re-shared, or social marketing ad units — to help marketers attract a larger audience. Not only should brands pay attention to their fans, but also the friends of those fans, especially as Millennials value their friends’ opinions on social networks. comScore and Facebook offer strategies, information about where Facebook users are spending most of their time, and in turn, insights about where brand messages are reaching consumers. As Facebook and other social networks become increasingly essential for marketing to Millennials, this research provides brands with valuable tools for leveraging their presence online. Cost: Free.

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The Ypulse Report: Food, Beverages & Dining Out

Millennials are big spenders on clothing and technology, but they watch their budgets more than their waistlines when it comes to dining out. In a given month, most students cook for them­selves at home more often than they eat at restaurants. When students eat out, they tend to go to fast and casual places, with fast food restaurants — surprise, surprise — being their favorites. Overall they are spending the same as or a little less than last year when they eat out. Cost and conflicting schedules often prevent Millennials from eating with their friends, but being such a social generation, they readily tell others about their food finds. Although they can’t always eat out with their friends, they still want to give them suggestions or at least let them know what restaurants they go to, which they do by checking in at eateries via social networks. Cost: $2,000.

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