Ypulse Monthly Teen Mag Roundup

lucyhaleOn the cover of Teen Vogue this month we have Lucy Hale, rising star of ABC Family hit drama “Pretty Little Liars” (see YAB member Caro’s review here). The Memphis-born actress, who broke on to the teen TV scene in the CW’s brilliant-but-canceled “Privileged” , talks survival strategies for Hollywood (“Pretty much the same way you should deal with high school… Surround yourself with the right people, and realize your own worth”), scoring a dream gig as a horror-movie fan in Wes Craven’s “Scream 4” and keeping the mystery around “Liars” alter ego Aria alive:  “People on the street stop me and ask about who [character] A is. My friends try to get plot secrets—even family members try to squeeze information out of me.”

In style coverage, we get finds inspired by Valentine’s Day (naturally), the top fashion stars to follow on Twitter (online readers are treated to an interactive feature displaying their latest tweets) and a vicarious field trip with Style Rookie blogger Tavi to meet rock-star-turned designer Gwen Stefani. The two style icons pose for photos, discuss hair coloring, Heathers and the use of personal identity as artistic inspiration.

Also in this issue, the mag tackles privacy online and how much information is TMI. Focusing on the growing awareness around digital trails and the need to manage all different aspects of online identities (i.e., moderating comments left by others), the piece offers practical tips to teen readers along with positive examples and possible oversights (assuming your privacy settings are automatically enabled - whoops). There were some teachable moments as well—and a mention that there was a possibility of admission officers or internship supervisors checking profiles—but I liked that the article didn’t just linger on the extreme scenarios.

leightonmeesterThe February issue of Seventeen features Leighton Meester on its cover with an interview on moving beyond the small-screen world of Blair Waldorf’s Upper East Side. This year,  the “Gossip Girl” star has her sights set on new projects in film and music. It’s no wonder you won’t find her the party scene anytime soon: “I’m not really a partier, in general. I’ve definitely learned that that’s probably the least interesting thing you can do with your time.”

An evergreen dive-down on guys and sex explores “What No One Tells You About Your First Time” through first-hand reader testimonies. While it’s been done before, any effort that helps promote straight talk around sex and lifts the taboo from “embarrassing questions” is a step in the right direction and hopefully will help facilitate more open discussions between partners and peers alike.

Finally, we get a crop of articles for “The Beauty Issue.” For the ambitious (and adventurous), there’s 200 ways to get amazing hair, pretty makeup and clear skin. Alternatively (and perhaps the more efficient, affordable option) there’s also “11 trends” to shake up a wardrobe and help readers “look cute everyday.”

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