Ypulse Essentials: Young Smartphone Users, Sims Get Social, Music With A Message

Boys Using TechWe weren’t surprised to hear that 25% of toddlers have used their parent’s smartphone (because it can be so hard to keep little ones’ hands of the devices! The stat brings a whole new meaning to the term “digital native.” Across the pond in the UK, 60% of teens who have smartphones are addicted to the devices, 65% use the devices when hanging out with friends, and some even watch less TV and read less because they’re occupied with their phones) (Ad Age) (Ofcom)

- The Sims Social will roll out on Facebook by the end of the month (and it looks awesome. Finally a game that makes sense to play on a social network — we never really enjoyed growing crops in Farmville. If you need a game to keep you entertained until Sims Social comes out, check out the “Glee” edition of Tap Tap, just released today! Speaking of video games, here’s another expert commentary on how video games are helping kids with a whole new kind of literacy) (Mashable) (Apple) (PBS)

- We love that MTV created a new category for this year’s VMAs (to honor the best video with a message. We love all the nominees in this category, it’s too hard to pick a favorite. What’s yours? Speaking of using one’s musical talents to support a cause, we love that New York Yankee Nick Swisher has created a children’s album with all proceeds going to charity. We’re not sure if it’s any good, but its intent certainly is) (MTV) (Billboard)

- Clearly kids are into tech, so it’s no surprise that traditional brands (like Peanuts are making a digital push to keep kids interested. Charlie, Snoopy, Woodstock, and friends will soon be found on Facebook, in ebook format, and in digital games. Scholastic carefully considered its move into the iPad app space when it created the “Rocket Learns To Read” ebook/app) (WaPo) (Shelf Awareness)

- Kids love getting creative in the kitchen (and now they can bring their favorite superheros into the mix with a line of Marvel products at Williams-Sonoma featuring Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, and more. From iced cookies to pancake molds to aprons to cooking tools, there are items for kids and those who are still kids at heart) (Kidscreen)

- Today’s young people are growing up in a very unique moment in history (and that shapes the values they will carry into adulthood, such as social media as personal identity and success defined through means other than money) (MediaPost)

- Who is this jerk who looks like Justin Bieber (coning and harassing poor fast food employees at Burger King?!? We know teen boys do a lot of stupid things, but we liked the Biebs so much better when he was nice to people) (YouTube)

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