Ypulse Essentials: Vitaminwater For MySpace Music, Children's Book Week, Virtual Student Foreign Service

vitaminwaterCan Vitaminwater revitalize MySpace Music’s digital sales? (that’s the hope behind a summer campaign highlighting the brands’ partnership with a new music-themed flavor and free mp3s) (Ad Age, reg. required)

- Motivational texts don’t move teens (or, rather, they don’t get teens to move. A study shows that teens who wore pedometers and received motivational text messages were no more or less physically active than other teens. In good study news, The New York Times has more on the study that found teens like their parents more than earlier generations) (Reuters)

- Lights, Camera, Activism (the 2nd Annual Chicago Youth Community Film festival will showcase 22 short films from local high school students that cover a range of teen-centric topics. And a high school senior wins a $10,000 prize for her writing. Plus, a Massachusetts high school puts on a musical based on a Neutral Milk Hotel album. Loving this trend of alternative theater) (Wisconsin State Journal) (USA Today)

- Children’s Book Week (head to your local library or bookstore to celebrate!  Also, in honor of the week the teens have chosen.. Stephenie Meyer as Author of the Year) (YA Fresh) (GalleyCat)

- ‘My Chimerical Romanticism’ (a really fascinating interview with youth radio host Craig Schuftan about his new book “Hey! Nietzche! Leave Them Kids Alone!” a comparative study in emo culture and 19th century romanticism) (via Boing Boing)

- Death threats on People’s Dirt (the gossip site we mentioned in yesterday’s Essentials. The posts have been traced to a Tennessee teen who may face criminal charges) (Washington Post, reg.required)

- Littlest Pet Shop video game (the Hasbro brand will launch a party-themed game for girls on Wii and Nintendo DS) (Cynopsis Kids)

- Virtual Student Foreign Service (part of the administration’s efforts to harness technology and inspire commitment to global service among young people. Thanks Andrea! Also change.org launches Jobs for Change, a career service and marketplace for social change jobs. And DoSomething announces the five winners of the DoSomething Awards who each received $10K grants) (The White House Blog)

- A critical response to ‘The Princess and the Frog’ (a must-read essay on Racialicious)

- Camp style (a new environment. i.e. summer camp, gives tweens the chance to reinvent their look. Also, how tweens, young teens and their parents prepare to cope with a summer sans camp ) (Canadian Press)

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