Ypulse Essentials: VerveLife Launches RhymbaKid/RhymbaTween, Lauren Conrad's New Magazine Gig, Baby Genius Mobile Apps

Finding clean music for kids just got easier (thanks to RhymbaKid and RhymbaTween, the newest customizable music stores from VerveLife. The promotional stores feature age-appropriate songs that parents will appreciate and kids will enjoy. Advertisers also benefit since they can include messages between music tracks, and make playlists and radio stations by genre, activity or mood. In other music news, it’s no secret that Justin Bieber is a pop culture phenomenon, but it’s not just because of his catchy songs and good looks. He has a strong marketing strategy that other brands should model after) (Yahoo) (MP Daily Fix)

- Lauren Conrad does it all (from designing clothes and writing books to maintaining two websites, but she’s about to get another gig as a Forbes contributor. Lauren will offer advice in the lifestyle section about working in the fashion and publishing industries, how to maintain a website and, of course, how to master style) (AOL)

- Kids can become tech-savvy at a very young age (with Baby Genius musical entertainment on mobile devices. The educational brand will release two 3D animated apps that teach speech detection as characters repeat kids’ words. The learning programs also enable video recording and sharing via social networks and email. However, a baby probably has to really be a genius to use those features) (MSNBC)

- The trailer for the ‘Footloose’ remake is finally here! (Judging by the dance moves, it’s clearly an updated version, but the story will stay the same. But will the new flick interest teens as much as the original did? In other entertainment news, in preparation for the final “Harry Potter” film, AMC Theatres announced that they’ll screen a movie marathon of all the previous films in 29 cities. That’s a lot of time to spend in a theatre though. Oh and guess what?...Pottermore is revealed! (Well sorta. A memo leaked indicating that it’s an online game that includes clues to prizes – magic wands – hidden throughout the U.S. and the UK. We’ll know more tomorrow when the full site launches, but it sounds amazing already!) (MTV) (Entertainment Weekly) (The Atlantic)

Consumers are setting world records daily (as part of Stride Gum’s long-lasting challenge. For 100 days, Stride will post a video on their Facebook page and YouTube channel urging fans to “last long” as they do zany tasks and break world records. The winners of each challenge will be rewarded with $500) (Mashable)

Did you know robots can sing, dance, talk and tell jokes? (Well Mattel’s toy, Fijit Friends, can at least. The Furby-like creatures have a beat detection software so they can dance to music differently depending on the sound. They also know four songs, respond to touch, and have voice recognition. Children’s toys are everywhere, but the one place you won’t find them is in kids meals at Jack in the Box. The fast food chain eliminated them — in an effort to focus on an older age group — and has since received praise from consumers. We wonder how many other major fast food chains will follow this lead) (PFSK) (AdAge)

- We already mentioned that many ‘Glee’ cast members will graduate next season (but Executive Producer Ryan Murphy revealed other surprising news today. The show won’t have guest stars next season, and it will feature less music in each episode and have less of a focus on pop songs) (TVLine) (Celebuzz)

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