Ypulse Essentials: Using Video Games To Millennialize Education, MTV Movie Award Noms, Is ‘Hipster Racism’ For Real?

A new magnet school opening its doors this fall plans to prepare students for the job market (by giving them the ultimate tech education. Students at Florida’s iTech Academy may be studying video gaming, but they’re learning science, technology, math, and engineering, prepping them for career tracks that are in high demand. That’s one way to Millennialize education! In other gaming news, tween girls are gamers too, according to a new study. Girls’ video game interests differ from boys’ in that they’re more into creating avatars and take advantage of social gaming experiences. Millennial teens have never lived without technology, making them true “digital natives.” This infographic gives an idea of just how technology infuses teens’ daily lives) (HuffPo) (Kidscreen) (OnlineSchools)

The MTV Movie Award nominees list is out (and looking at it you might think only three films were made in the past year. “Hunger Games,” “Bridesmaids,” and “Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part Two” are nominated in nearly every category. Speaking of movies, the young sci-fi fans in our office can’t stop talking about the trailer for “Prometheus,” which some critics are already suggesting may be the best of director Ridley Scott’s career) (MTV) (Hypebeast)

We have to admit the concept of “hipster racism” (made us think, even if it sounds a bit ridiculous. The idea refers to hipsters adopting and adapting other cultures — think Navajo prints and trucker hats — and reminded us that Millennials are the most multicultural generation in history. They don’t feel the need to categorize everything like older generations. They just know what they like when they see it) (Chicago Tribune) (MTV via @MTVInsights)

We’re super impressed with 14 year old Julia Bluhm, who is tired of seeing airbrushed teen magazines (so she’s started an online petition to get Seventeen magazine to publish at least one fashion spread a month with no airbrushing. There’s no question that the impossible standard of beauty will have an effect on girls, particularly when they face it from a very young age. Here’s a direct link to the petition if you want to add your John Hancock to the nearly 20,000 who’ve already signed it) (IHeartDaily) (Change.org)

Pepsi’s Twitter followers are about to get a pleasant addition to the tweets the soda company sends out… (It’s partnering with Twitter to stream live concerts to its fans on the site. Pepsi is focusing on music in its new campaign, which will feature Nicki Minaj) (Yahoo!)

JCPenney is making a significant effort to shake its dowdy image and up its cool factor (most recently announcing a partnership withCosmopolitan. The magazine’s editors are designing pieces including jewelry, bags, lingerie, and other accessories for a line that will launch this fall. The retailer’s top-to-bottom makeover — from personnel to advertising to product lines — might just be enough to entice Millennials back into stores) (WWD, reg required)

Gen Y is having an effect on businesses big and small (and each new project is a learning experience, as this developer found when creating new communities for young people in Atlanta. Here’s what it learned about what Millennials want from their living spaces) (Biz Journals)

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