Ypulse Essentials: Urban Disney, Marketing's Child, Teen Hackers

Raven SimoneThat’s So Google (Raven Simone and “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane will be distributing exclusive digital content on the AdSense Network) (Hollywood Reporter)

- The new ‘Mickey’ (is Disney’s record breaking franchise “High School Musical.” Plus Disney goes urban in Orange County and is producing branded iPod speakers) (New York Times, reg. required) (Orange County Business Journal, reg. required) (Magical Mountain)

- Marketing’s child (Beyonce is a marketing machine—as is 50 Cent) (Denver Post) (Seattle Times)

- ‘Aliens’ sneak peek (The CW’s new and funny/poignant looking sitcom. Plus Millennials still turn to TV for news but also turn to the internet more than previous generations) (L.A. Times, reg. required) (TV Week)

- Why teens hack (USA Today says they’re “more curious than criminal.” Plus many public schools are allegedly infested with teen drug use. Wait, I thought this generation was so “squeaky clean.”) (CBS News)

- The Internet’s Dr. Spock? (hmmm. I don’t quite think of Mashup keynoter Henry Jenkins in that way, but I’m glad CNET interviewed him. And just in case you missed this link in the Mashup video post, check out Fast Company’s profile of Teen Superstar Ashley Qualls, founder of Whateverlife. And while you’re there, read this piece on the demise of Amp’d Mobile)

- F.B.I. camp (the latest crazy camp story. And speaking of camp, the new Amanda Bynes/Steve & Barry’s line is at “Camplefied” soliciting videos for its branded YouTube channel) (Washington Post, reg. required)

- Bebo’s number one! (in the UK…and it [and other socnets] are hurting teen mags there. And check out this AdWeek piece on branded social networks’ hits and misses) (Computer Weekly) (Marketing Week)

- Cartoon joins Nick (in banning its characters from shilling for sugary snacks and AdAge.com, reg. required, says the networks will be just fine without these ads)

P.S. And yes, it was a “Superbad” weekend. (Hollywood Reporter)

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