Ypulse Essentials: 'Twilight' In Habbo, Generation [Luxury] Gap, Youthful H1N1 Marketing

Twilight‘Twilight’ in Habbo (Summit Entertainment has chosen Habbo to promote the Twilight franchise. Hmmm….It’s hard for me to warm up to Bella and Edward as little square people. Plus Claires to promote the “Fame” remake. And Sony pushes the theatrical release of “The Green Hornet” to December 2010.) (Variety)

- Nickelodeon launches ‘Brainsurge’ (a new game show on September 28th. While MTV.com revamps its homepage and promotes “Jackass” with 3D avatars where users can impose their face onto Johnny Knoxville & co.‘s. Meanwhile The CW promote “The Vampire Diaries” with webisodes) (Cynopsis Kids) (MediaWeek)

- Will Disney’s acquisition of Marvel (encourage more girls to read comic books? Plus Penguin’s UK teen site Spinebreakers launches a script writing competition.) (Newsarama)

- The generation [luxury] gap (Gen Y wants luxury married with a cause. While young Hollywood embraces luxury brands...or at least deals to promote them. And speaking of paying for luxury, the Consumers Union is warning college students about the risks of credit cards) (Sparxoo) (The Australian) (Media Post, reg. required)

- Survey finds 1 in 3 UK teen girls (sexually abused in relationships. Plus a new initiative to curb binge drinking among UK youth. And a WSJ reporter looks at girls and dieting then and now) (BBC News) (Management In Practice)

- More youth-y H1N1 prevention marketing (Plus NY to offer free vaccinations) (ABC News) (Wall Street Journal)

- Social media (helping to engage more youth in politics. And retailers embracing e-Coupons to reach youth) (ReadWrite Web) (Washington Times)


  1. Valiant Westland

    Vampire stories are supposed to be textured in rich dark velvety tones and at least a minimal nod to the gothic antiquity of the bloodlines roots. Recreating this feeling in the lego-people environment of Habbo is FAIL.

    The Avatars of Habbo are about as visually interesting and “dark” as a Precious Moments figurine. Even young children know the difference between this “Lego-Land” and the high quality digital characters (Avatars) of their favorite video games. By the time they are old enough to appreciate the Twilight story, their aesthetic tastes are 15 years beyond the primitive early 80’s video game like interface of Habbo.

    If you’re over 18 and want to hang out with some “real” vampires avatars, you need to check out Second Life (http://www.secondlife.com). Here you will find the richly-textured vampire world you love. Be a vampire, choose your appearance, clothing and even wings. Entertain, dance, socialize and “hunt,” and even fly with others of your bloodline. You can even make your avatar look like your favorite Twilight character or buy/build recreations of where they live!

    The bottom line is: http://www.secondlife.com is the place for “real” vampire / Twilight fun.  By comparison, Habbo “sucks!”

  2. Rebecca Newton

    I have to agree (feeling a bit like a traitor since I used to be the Director of Community for Sulake HQs around the globe). My first thought after reading the ypulse article was “why didn’t they choose secondlife.com for this promotion?” - not to take away from how fabulous Habbo is as a 2D cartoon VW but seriously, SL is the right environment for this promo. And devoted SL fans know how significant a Vampire community SL has.
    I wouldn’t be quite as harsh as the previous poster, but there really is no comparison, I agree there.

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