Ypulse Essentials: Trident Sponsors 'Webventures,' Generation Broke, More 'Tech Addict' Talk

Trident Layers sponsors ‘Webventures’ (a new Streamy-themed web series featuring new and old viral stars. Plus MTV’s Valemont University profiled as an experiment in multi-platform entertainment. And Gatorade “evolves” in new spots targeted at high school athletes) (Ad Age, reg. required) (Variety, reg. required) (Ad

- Generation Broke (more discussion around Gen Y’s money troubles and why they might be the first generation in a century not to end up better off financially than their parents. Yikes. And on Huffington Post, Rock the Vote’s Maegan Carberry debunks the myth that Millennials became apathetic post-election arguing “momentum from 2008 fissured into smaller, nimble and effective issue groups in the digital sphere”) (Chicago Sun-Times)

- LG revamps Texting Championship (promotion with a flashy, new Facebook app. Also Intel launches an updated version of its Classmate PC “learning laptop”) (MediaPost, reg. required) (VentureBeat)

- Parental discretion advised (a new study finds kids with restricted access to rated-R movies were less likely to engage in early drinking and smoking. Does this say more about media exposure or risk-taking teens/tweens?) (Times of India) (Chicago Sun-Times)

- ‘Glee’ creator considers Britney (and other possible future tributes. Also Disney XD orders a second season of “I’m With the Band”) (EW) (WorldScreen)

- New ‘Eclipse’ trailer (plays up the action. Also Summit launches a “Twilight” channel on Facebook, MySpace and YouTube) (New York Magazine) (Home Media Life)

- Unplugged college students suffer ‘withdrawal’ (symptoms after going without media for 24 hours according to a study out of University of Maryland. And in this corner… GigaOm calls “bogus” on the study and addict talk in general. Agreed—we made this same argument in a post last year. Also ReadWriteWeb unpacks a recent study on Millennials’ blog-reading habits released by BlogHer and iVillage that appears to contradict the Pew report that came out earlier this year) (Ars Technica)

- Miley in Habbo (judging a fashion show. Also Scholastic develops a “Horrible Histories” virtual world around the popular, boy-friendly series) (Virtual Worlds News)

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