Ypulse Essentials: Threadless Tees, Forensics Class In High School, Cyber Millennials

spongebobThe unsinkable ‘SpongeBob’ (The Atlantic explores the enduring appeal of the decade-old franchise. Plus, the full-length HD trailer for ‘Princess and the Frog’) (The Atlantic)

- Threadless Tees (the crowdsourced t-shirt design site talks about building brand love on ReadWriteWeb. Plus, more thoughts on Millennials and “Facebook fatigue”) (demo dirt)

- Do celebrity gossip sites factor into bullying? (Jezebel responds to an op-ed piece in the Sydney Morning Herald that places the blame for cyberullying on TMZ, Perez Hilton and Jezebel. Plus a study on popularity suggests that your high school status might impact your future) (Jezebel) (New York Magazine)

- Teen hacker pleads guilty (to attacking scientology sites. Also two Ohio teens charged for sexting with the boy’s sentence entailing community service, no phone and  house arrest, and the girl’s an essay on the dangers of ‘sexting’) (Wired)

- Small private colleges continue to be hit hard (by the downturn leading some to reach out to their states for help. Also the “CSI effect”: forensics class is a hit as a high school science course. And Iconoculture highlights Shmoop, a new interactive study-aid website.) (AP) (New York Times, reg. required)

- WeeWorld joins Alloy (leaving the ad network Betawave, formerly GoFish) (Virtual World News)

- Cyber Millennials (a new study coins the term for the high-tech, highly educated young adults who drink too much.) (Science Daily)

- C&R Research’s new YouthBeat (a new syndicated research product from Mashup Research sponsor C&R that focuses on the attitudes and behaviors of three specific youth demographic: kids, tweens and teens)

- Teens rally against youth violence (at an annual peace conference in Boston. Also, the youth activist finalists are announced for the DoSomething Awards) (Boston Globe)

- Wintergirls (Laurie Halse Anderson’s latest YA novel sparks a discussion about the potential danger of fictionalizing eating disorders) (New York Times, reg. required)


  1. Eric Jaffa

    Regarding the girl sentenced to write an essay on the dangers of “sexting:”

    The biggest danger is that a slimy prosecutor will charge a teenage girl.

    Our society doesn’t allow slimy prosecutors to charge girls who are over 18 for sending nude photos of themselves.

    Our society also shouldn’t allow slimy prosecutors to charge girls who are under 18 for sending nude photos of themselves.

  2. Eric Jaffa

    Warren County Prosecutor Rachel Hutzel said the Mason High School teens admitted to misdemeanor charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She says the sentence sends a message to other teens that texting is a serious issue that can have long lasting consequences.”

    That is like a mugger proudly declaring after a mugging, “This proves that walking around after dark is a serious issue that can have long lasting consequences.”

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