Ypulse Essentials: The On Demand Generation, Disney Junior Launches As 24-Hour Channel, Spotify Restrictions

Fisher-Price DVRWe’ve been casually calling the post-Millennial Generation the On Demand Generation (and the announcement of Fisher-Price’s new hand-held, personal DVR for kids that debuted at CES this week makes us think we might just have gotten the moniker right. The kid-tough has a touch screen control panel for recording and storing favorite shows, and connects to the TV with a simple docking station. Are we moving from being a society in which every kid has a TV in his or her bedroom to a society in which every kid has all of his or her favorite media on demand at all times? Speaking of TV, MySpace seems to be planning to pull a rabbit out of a hat announcing that it will launch a streaming TV service in the first half of the year, though it apparently has yet to secure content agreements. We’re not gonna lie though — this is what we cord cutters have been waiting for, cheap streaming TV. As Apple TV, Google TV, Xbox Live, Verizon, and MySpace duke it out, refining their offerings, we hope that one will come up with a service we like at a price we like) (Engadget) (AllThingsD)

- Disney is launching a dedicated, 24-hour preschool channel, Disney Junior (on March 23. The channel will be home to a few new series, including “Doc McStuffins,” about a little girl who nurses stuffed animals back to health, and “Sophia the First,” about Disney’s first preschool-aged princess. Of course, series don’t only premiere on TV channels these days. This week saw the premiere of “Dating Rules From My Future Self” on YouTube starring Shiri Appleby from “Life Unexpected” and Taylor Kinney from “The Vampire Diaries.” The new nine-episode Web series from the creators of “Gossip Girl” follows a young woman as she looks for love with the help of her best friends…and secret text messages from her older, wiser self) (B&C)

- Note to Spotify users: Get ready for restrictions (because once you hit the six-month mark, your free account will be limited to 10 hours of listening per month and a five-listen limit per song per month. Music is Millennials’ favorite medium, and they spend nearly 16 hours a week listening to music, so they’re either going to have to pony up the $4.99 or $9.99 for a monthly subscription to the service or find another source of music. In other music news, we’ve been looking over the lineup for Coachella and loving that The Black Keys are getting equal billing with acts like Radiohead and Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre. Yep, Snoop and Dre…talk about a 90s throwback!) (The Verge) (Popdust)

- Chevy hopes that Millennials will like what it’s importing from Detroit (with two new concept models, the Code 130R and Tru 140S, designed specifically with the younger generation in mind. The cars feature built-in wi-fi and highly customizable interiors. The cars are also more spacious so drivers have room to hang out with their friends, which is a particularly important for Millennials living at home; their cars are a place for them to escape their parents’ rules. Of course, Chevy isn’t the only auto company targeting Millennial drivers based on what’s on display at this week’s North American International Auto Show) (Detroit Free Press) (Canada.com)

- Millennials are nervous about investing in stocks (which isn’t all that surprising considering what they’ve probably witnessed their parents experiencing in recent years. Business Insider offers some suggestions about how to make the younger generation more comfortable, and even excited, about investing and financial planning)

- Most students leave their studying until the last few days before the big test (but they have a fairly set study routine. Nearly six in 10 have a specific spot where they like to go to study, and most need a study snack to get through their cram session. They also often study while on-the-go) (Follet Higher Education Group)

- Mark your calendars and set cell phone reminders for February 22! (That’s the day tickets for “The Hunger Games” go on sale. The film is in theaters March 23. See ya there!) (Cynopsis)

- Swearing is caring…at least when you add your Twitter account to (the Charity Swear Box. The site tracks every time you tweet a curse word, and then you can donate your swear box total to one of the site’s charities, including Beat Bullying and F*** Cancer, which we think totally kicks ass!) (IHeartDaily)

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