Ypulse Essentials: The Grammys Were Flat, Getting Serious About Streaming TV, More 'Hunger Games' News

There were few surprises at the Grammy Awards this year, including Adele taking home (six awards, winning in every category in which she was nominated. The Grammys tried to reach out to a young audience with a showcase of electronica music, which has been a rising music genre. Meanwhile, the rock music category didn’t feel much like rock at all, with it’s soft, toned-down nominees, making us wonder if true rock and roll really exists anymore. One of the few surprises was when Taylor Swift didn’t take home the award for Best Country Album. We also weren’t big fans of the show’s “country bumpkin” approach to her music, which would have only been worse with live animals and having her black out one of her teeth. So yeah, we’re calling this Grammy show a miss… At least the lack of surprises means this year no one’s asking, “What’s an Arcade Fire?”) (Billboard) (LA Times) (WaPo)

- Amazon is getting ready to add original programming to its slate of offerings (putting itself in direct competition with Netflix and Hulu, as well as the cable industry. Some networks and shows are starting to take online video seriously, recognizing it as a complement to regular programming. There’s still a fear of cannibalization of the regular viewing audience, but it looks like networks might finally understand that Millennials’ busy social schedules often keep them from the shows they love and they want an option for streaming the shows on their own time) (AllThingsD) (WSJ, reg required)

- As our hysteria for ‘The Hunger Games’ continues, we can’t wait to watch the music video for one of the songs in the movie (“Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars, which premieres tonight on MTV at 7:54pm, but in the meantime, catch a sneak preview here! We’re also eager to read the many movie tie-in books that Scholastic recently released from The Hunger Games Tribute Guide to The Hunger Games: Official Illustrated Movie Companion. If you need a laugh, peek at the grooming “ads” featuring the men of the Capitol looking their best; we love Lenny Kravitz who plays Cinna in “liquid skyliner!” And since the whole world will be watching the much-anticipated movie, we’re not surprised that the trailer for “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2” will debut during “The Hunger Games,” and rumor has it that it may not be the final film in the saga…) (MTV) (Publishers Weekly) (Fashionista) (LA Times) (THR)

- Millennials across the country are mourning the passing of Whitney Houston (by listening to — and singing along with — her biggest hits, which topped the charts while they were discovering music in their tween years. We have to admit, we’ve been belting out “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” since Saturday night. Even before the singer’s death, “Glee” was planning to include Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You” in its Valentine’s Day episode, and now it will also dedicate the show to the singer) (Popdust) (EW)

- Is MySpace making a comeback?! (It looks like that might be the case as the site has added more than 1 million new users since December when it introduced a new music player and announced plans for a streaming music video channel. With these advances, MySpace could prove to be a Spotify rival as that site begins to limit free music playback to drive subscriptions) (NY Times, reg required)

- Even Girl Scouts understand the importance of customer loyalty (as young members put emphasis on contacting loyal cookie customers and alerting them about the sale of their favorite snacks! From a website and PSA to even more “modern cookie technology” like The Girl Scout Cookie Locator app and social media initiatives, it’s no surprise that cookie sales are rising, all the while girls are learning about entrepreneurship and earning badges! We also think the other newly created badges from financial literacy to environmentalism demonstrate Millennials’ evolving interests) (Ad Age, reg required)

- Mobile ads are key among Millennial males (as nearly 70% of guys 18-29 recalled seeing an ad on their phone, and of those, 40% said they like seeing mobile ads. Females however were far less interested and only 15% like mobile ads. As smartphone usage and mobile ads continue to rise, it’s clear that Millennial men are an important market!) (eMarketer)

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