Ypulse Essentials: 'Teens React' Web Series, Digital Devices, Bieber's Charity Christmas Album

Want to know which YouTube videos teens like the best (and their reactions to pop culture? Well now you can in the upcoming YouTube show aptly called “Teens React.” The Fine Brothers have been creating the web show “Kids React,” for years — which also features viewers’ responses to videos — but now the siblings are expanding to an older audience. It’s clear that Millennials’ love for YouTube isn’t going away anytime soon) (DailyDot)

- When it comes to digital devices (ereaders are more popular among females whereas tablets are more popular among males. Moreover, more young consumers own tablets, whereas more older consumers own ereaders. Of course all this tablet news doesn’t mean that the smartphone isn’t getting its share of love. Over 80% of consumers have shopped via mobile devices including 40% who report shopping from a handheld device each month) (Mashable) (BizReport)

- We can guess what thousands of tween girls will want this holiday season (since Justin Bieber is releasing a Christmas album. Not only will Beliebers get to listen to him sing seasonally appropriate songs, but they’ll also be supporting a good cause!) (E! Online)

- Kids will be equipped with character themed products as they head back to school (since almost half of parents have purchased or plan to purchase character merchandise; Cars and Star Wars are the most popular for boys, and Dora the Explorer and Hello Kitty are the top picks for girls) (Kidscreen)

- Millennials love customization (so it makes sense that IKEA UK is letting users create virtual rooms via the brand’s YouTube channel. However, the slightly weird part is that if they log on with their Facebook account, the feature creates a room based off of information on their Facebook account and it even displays pictures from their Facebook in the room. Hmm, cool or creepy?) (PSFK)

And finally for a little Friday fun…(check out the promo for “Glee” Season 3 where the New Directions are being hit with dodgeballs by none other than Sue Sylvester. Clearly dodgeballs are the new slushies) (Yahoo)

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